How To Have An Anxiety Free Holiday Season (Video Included)

December 9, 2017

“Don’t Become Another Victim Of The Holiday Season.”

Holidays can be a season of expectations which can bring in pressure, stress, and lots of other unnecessary negative emotional states. One can get through the holidays without anxiety or other problems by being prepared to deal with it. It’s important to prepare early, stay focused, and learn how to counter panic to be able to have an anxiety free holiday season.

Use The Tips Below To Create An Anxiety Free Holiday Season This Year:

1. Block out aggressive advertisements and holiday media

Media include all forms, like radio, TV, social media, advertising, and ads on the web. The holiday season is that time of year when marketers bombard us with manipulating and convincing schemes to make us spend more money. In most cases, we end up regretting the purchase of an item which we had never liked initially till we were conned into buying it.

There is always pressure from stores to purchase items for the holidays and not buying can sometimes result in a feeling of guilt. It’s important to remember that buying the perfect gift or getting harassed into buying a specific popular item is not the true meaning or spirit of the holiday season. The holidays does not mean that you have to shop until you drop. You can counter this approach by remember that it’s the memories that leave a lasting impression, not the purchases.

2. Avoid visiting the mall and go online instead

Avoid going to the mall or minimize shopping activities during the holiday season. It’s especially important to avoid shopping centers if large crowds trigger anxiety within you, and you haven’t yet gained the CBT based skill sets to deal with the depersonalization and derealization you might feel.

Shopping during the holiday season is beset by a variety of issues like packed parking lots, huge lines at the cashier, etc., and this can only result in further unnecessary stimulation and stress.

The holiday season is also the time when the shopping devil comes out in normal individuals and turns them into inconsiderate and rude monsters. People tend to become more impatient about buying last minute gifts, the closer they get to the holiday season, and this can result in arguing, cutting lines, and even shoving matches!

Avoid the mall, but if you have to shop, prepare the list, quickly get the job done, and get out as fast as you can. Keep the focus on buying only the things you need, listed by you, and avoid all other items that you do not require. If shopping at the mall causes you to experience deep emotional stress, then you can try online shopping as a replacement.

3. Make a holiday budget and stick to it

Studies indicate that people spend nearly 6 percent more on retail shopping a month or two before Christmas and then spend an additional 16 percent on online shopping. This can dent personal finances and result in stress and anxiety.

You need to remember that you do not need to buy everything during the holiday season. Irrespective of how attractive an item is or whether it is on sale, if you do not need that item, then do not buy it and stick to the prepared budget. This will keep you on the path towards self mastery, and you wont be another victim of the advertisers that want to pin point your emotional hot buttons so they can further their own agendas.

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