TAGP 108: Depersonalization Symptoms And How To Crush Them

March 19, 2018

“Depersonalization Is A Signal By Your Nervous System, And It’s Time To Get The Message.”

One of the most common questions I get on a daily basis is ‘Dennis what do I do about this feeling of swaying, derealization, and forgetfulness that I feel on a constant day to day basis?’ I understand their pain and the confusion that can arise, it’s just simply not the way we should be feeling.

As I will mention in this week’s powerful podcast episode, depersonalization symptoms will vary from person to person, and no two conditions are the same. The result could be due to any one of the four causes I mention in this episode, so it’s important to pinpoint which one applies best to your life.

“Knowing What Sort Of Emotions, Thoughts, Behaviours Feed Your Depersonalization Symptoms Is A Big Step Towards Ending This Feeling.”

I will do my best to go as deep as I can when it comes to depersonalization symptoms and also share with you my own personal experiences with this challenge. You’re going to hear me touch on self awareness quite a bit in this episode as well because it’s an absolute crucial component towards freedom from anxiety and depersonalization.

When I say self awareness I mean a deep recognition of what repressed emotions you may be carrying with you that may be feeding the feeling, as well as other internal and external stressors that are contributing towards this sensitized state.

Depersonalization Doesn’t Just Go Away As Many Would Hope For, It’s A Process

What I can tell you with certainty though is that you have all the resources already within you to get to a better place internally and in your life in general. Through a dedicated CBT method and an understanding of what is presented to you in this episode, you’ll be well on your way too freedom.

In Episode #108 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We’ll Be Looking At:depersonalization symptoms causes

  • How depersonalization symptoms actually manifest
  • What sort of thinking styles keep the feelings alive
  • What the #1 solution to depersonalization is that you won’t hear anywhere else

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4 comments on “TAGP 108: Depersonalization Symptoms And How To Crush Them

  1. mohanned Mar 20, 2018

    hi dennis…yes in nut shell i can say because im afraid 247 panickly always focusing on my physical symptoms tht being shiffting giving me always varient sensation ..which makes flight and fight keep firing 24hrs aday. so tht why i have depersinalisation . my mind is tired my body is tired..its normal i feel life is like dream or who am i.. once i start observing my fear ..my physical symptoms in tht case i will give my mind and my body to heal .. once its heal depersinalisation will be gone .. problem we sometimes get scared of anxiety bodily symptoms and fear the fear emotion. which makes depersinalisation going on ..and we ger afraid of depersonalisation its self.. i have realized tht depersonalisation is only protecting me from my anxiety and panic bvz i been putting fire over gazolin.. all i need just to observe my fear my physical symptoms stop checking my pulse my bp ..visiting doctors . needs determination to accept them .then my anxiety level wull subside then depersonalisation will be gone for good . thx dennis for clearing depersonalsation up for us.

  2. I love it I love it! Denis you have so much knowledge and great techniques ! Thank you!