Calming Anxiety During Uncertain Times

October 29, 2017

“Nothing’s For Sure, That’s For Sure.”

There is no doubt about the fact that we live in troubling and uncertain times. There is constant talk of war, perennial threat of terrorist attacks, sleazy politics and corrupt politicians, an economy that works only for the rich and powerful, widespread discontent, and ravages wrecked by floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities caused by climate change. It is very difficult to stay sane in the middle of all such developments that provoke and incite anxiety!

But we must learn to stay calm and get back to us!calming anxiety in uncertain times

The process of calming anxiety however takes an effort. We have to engage in physical and mental activities to ensure that anxiety is kept at manageable levels for our continued functioning and for proper rational response in future when we are suddenly faced with crises

Below are some measures that you can practice to begin calming anxiety during uncertain times.

1. Breathing techniques

Breathing is one of the most basic functions of life and plays a big part in calming anxiety. Hence, learning conscious deep breathing as a counter measure to anxiety is the perfect option as it does not need any special gear, costs nothing, and can be practiced at any time and at any place.

Deep breathing directly acts to calm the nervous system, relaxes the artery wall muscles, and decreases the blood pressure, thus helping in calming anxiety.

One example of a deep-breathing technique: Place tongue behind the teeth on roof of mouth. Inhale slowly through the nose for about 5 seconds. Now exhale audibly through pursed lips for 8 seconds. Repeat the process. You will feel noticeable relaxation after just 4 times and rejuvenated after 10 times. HERE’S another great breathing video you can watch on my YouTube channel to get more ideas!

2. Socializing

Humans are social creatures and the company of others does help in calming anxiety during uncertain times. When we are with friends, family, peers, etc., we can share our fears with them, offload the anxious thoughts, gain new perspectives, and get new solutions to issues. Being with others also improves the mind and chemically recharges us, which then leads to alleviation of anxiety.

3. Meditation, yoga, exercise

Exercise of the mind and body can also have a calming influence during uncertain times. It is a known fact that physical activities do offer a whole load of benefits such as increased energy levels, positive chemical reactions in the brain, and uplift of the mood.
It may be noted that the amount of physical exertion that one needs to engage in for calming anxiety is really minor. A ten minute walk can help calm down a sense of being overwhelmed or anxiety.

The practice: A 30 minute walk 3 to 4 times a week can work wonders for calming anxiety during uncertain times. Yoga is known to also have a number of physical and mental health benefits.

4. Music

The most direct pathway to alter the mood and state of mind is via music. Music can help change your mood, uplift you, make you romantic, revitalize you, and help you relax. Just put on some relaxing soothing music like Mozart to overcome anxiety; it is great for your well-being. You can also listen to your favorite music for calming anxiety.

In conclusion is it possible to find peace and balance during uncertain times, yes. Where focus goes energy flows, so begin getting back to the most important person on this planet… you.

Share Your Experience Dealing With Uncertain Times And How You Deal With It Productively In The Comment Section Below.

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