TAGP 177: The Right And Wrong Ways To Cure Anxiety (Powerful Interview)

March 4, 2019

“There’s A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Cure Anxiety. It’s Too Bad That In Today’s World Anxiety Treatment Looks To Be More Like Disorder Management.”

What does it mean to cure anxiety? It means to get to a place in your life where you’re no longer sensitized to certain ideas, feelings, environments, and situations in your life. You see these things the way we’re meant to see them, and not based off of previously challenging experiences, which you could probably count on one hand.

Yes you heard me right, previous experiences. Meaning, emotionally traumatic memories stored within the subconscious mind (and body) of an individual. A program running on an endless loop that comes with a calling, to fulfill the ultimate goal of protection for the individual. That could be protection from literally anything, understand this and you’ve taken a massive step to cure anxiety.

The bodily symptoms a person experiences can easily be related to repressed emotion. Anger, sadness, grief, blame, unforgiveness related to the original memory

The biggest problem we see in the case of these bodily symptoms of anxiety are in the realm of health anxiety sufferers. To consistently misinterpret these sensations, to think they may be a serious physical ailment when in fact they are due to repressed emotion. Any time a fragment of the past traumatic memory is accessed, the person experiences the same bodily reactions as the entire experience itself.

This is why today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast is so important. In this interview I’ll make clear the differences between disorder management and the road to recovery. I will discuss the surface level treatments offered in todays world, and why they don’t work for the high majority of people, as well as what your focus should be on in order to move towards anxiety recovery.

In today’s interview I’ll be opening up about:

  • My own personal roadblocks during recovery from anxiety
  • The mindsets that continue to lead to coping and managing a persons emotions
  • How repressed rage and other emotions contribute to bodily symptoms of anxiety

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4 comments on “TAGP 177: The Right And Wrong Ways To Cure Anxiety (Powerful Interview)

  1. debbie turner Mar 4, 2019

    Hiya Dennis ,I never thought passed events could cause anxiety ,I have had alot of anger and the loss of my dad ,the the test I had done doctor thought I had ovarian cancer but it scared the crap out of me and I feel I can’t get over it ,even though I’m healthy I still in limbo if this makes scene ,I jump if the phone rings and it’s the doctors .all though all my other blood test were fine I’m my stupid head I’m not ,but just listening to you has helped me thank you X❤️

    • Makes complete sense. The memories that caused the emotions become repressed, stored like a file within the mind and body. This accumulates over time causing the physical body to wear down, and as long as the meaning over the initial events stay the same and the emotions stay concealed the disintegration of the body builds. I have a program on this site that will help with the progress needed. ❤️

  2. Hi Dennis,

    I find it very hard to get past the physical symptoms (especially derealisation) which contributes to a lot of my sadness and anxiety.

    I do admit obsessive thinking has always been an issue for me. Is there a way to look past the symptoms (as they are quite upsetting/limiting) to then get to the bottom of what the root cause is?

    • Looking past the symptoms means stuffing the symptoms aside, which will just allow them to transfer into a new form in time. The root cause would come with the question of which repressed emotion is accumulating within me, and when was the earliest memory related to it? The sooner you go the deeper the change, because the initial sensitizing event holds the key to reframing the subsequent events as well as releasing the symptoms. My program will help with this, especially the reframing audios (magic frame and grey room audios). ❤️