TAGP 176: Why North Americans Are So Scared Of Dying

February 25, 2019

“Even Death is Not To Be Feared By One Who Has Lived Wisely.” – Buddha

Have you ever wondered why the perception over dying changes so much from country to country, continent to continent? I’ve been a keen observer of peoples opinions on dying, and how much time they spend worrying over the transition in their own lives. I want to share with you what I’ve recognized over the years in my travels, so that you can use it beneficially in your own life.

The reason North Americans are so scared of dying will shock you

When the fear of dying takes up a persons focus throughout the day, their attention isn’t spread out widely towards other things. It consumes a person and creates health anxiety, misinterpreting symptoms of anxiety and questioning whether THIS is the moment. The tight grip over survival causes an enormous amount of tension within a person which only messes with their perceptions more.

The subconscious mind begins associating neutral things to now threatening things. Life becomes an uphill climb, responsibility for the problem becomes a fear, and other people become highly affected by the cycle of being scared of dying. This is why this topic today is so important, and doesn’t get the attention it needs.

When being scared of dying gets replaced with a deeper understanding and acceptance, a new perception becomes available

At this point you can thoroughly begin enjoying your life and put your anxiety behind you for good. This starts a snowball effect over other fears and limits, and life begins to open up in a beautiful way.

Today’s podcast episode will open up your mind by:

  • Why the fear of dying is so prevalent in North America
  • How a person can begin shifting their limiting ideas quickly
  • When a person can begin seeing real and lasting changes within them

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