Dating Anxiety: The 3 Dating Mistakes All Anxious People Make

January 26, 2017

dating anxiety 3 ways to overcome fearDating anxiety is normal. Almost all of us get anxious when going for a first date or the first few dates with a new dating partner. Making a good first impression means that problems will arise, when trying to break the ice.

These issues are however compounded in anxious people.

Fear of rejection, social anxiety, being an introvert, or shyness often acts as factors that make people hold back when on a date. These tend to be exacerbated in anxious people. It should however be remembered that such feelings need not necessarily hold you back as they can be controlled and decreased.

Most people who go on successful dates do not achieve success because of the lack of dating anxiety, but due to their capacity to manage dating anxiety. There are many tricks, tips, and methods that people can follow to overcome dating anxiety. They can begin to act self-assuredly, stay relaxed, and reduce anxiety when on a date. Anxious people can take different steps to lower dating anxiety and one of these steps is avoiding basic dating mistakes.

Below are 3 dating mistakes that all anxious people make:

1. Drinking a few drinks too many before the date:
Most of us tend to have a glass of wine or beer to ease the nerves and reduce dating anxiety. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that you do not over-drink before the date. It may be noted that anxiousness may limit the ability of a person to understand and gauge the effect of the alcohol consumed before the date. Hence, you may end up drinking a few more glasses than usual so reduce the edginess.

We may not notice the effect of booze, but will be easily visible or perceived by your dating partner. Arriving a little tipsy for the date may not only hamper the conservation and/or development of some connection, but can also be a turn-off for the partner.

Dating anxiety can cause people to project their fantasies onto the dating partner. Such behavior is more evident when we are a little tipsy.

2. Unnecessary sharing of personal life details
Dating anxiety related excessive nervous energy can cause anxious people to share all their deepest darkest secrets, hopes, and desires with a person who they have just met. Such behavior is often the outcome of emotions that remain suppressed in anxious people with dating anxiety. A peg too many before the date can also open a flood of reckless sharing of personal information.

It is best to avoid sharing too many personal details and just enjoy the date for what it is. Once you begin to gain the trust of your dating partner over the next few dates, weeks, etc., you may open up a little more and begin sharing a little more.

3. Excessive apologizing
Anxious people tend to think that everything is their fault. Thus, they may end up apologizing for even the smallest of mistakes, and even for things that are normally not regarded as mistakes.
Over-apologizing may not only irritate the partner but can also make you look weak. It is best to stay calm and converse as an equal partner in the date.

Dating anxiety is not the devil. It can be overcome. Avoid the above mistakes and feel the difference!

Ever Had Dating Anxiety? Share Your Comments Below On Your Personal Experiences.

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10 comments on “Dating Anxiety: The 3 Dating Mistakes All Anxious People Make

  1. This is very helpful! Thank you!

  2. Rasher Jan 29, 2017

    I have a significantly terrible instance of anxiety, when in a submitted relationship. I had dated individuals yet not by any stretch of the imagination been in a genuine relationship for a decent couple of years, and this is the place the breaks have begun to appear. It’s always better to recognize that there might be an issue and making whatever significant strides should be taken. It began once again. And don’t chuckle when I headed toward my new sweetheart’s after we went for supper, and found that he had washed his bedding. Presently thinking back I can see this is a crazy thing to get on edge about however I promptly expected he was bamboozling (didn’t state this) yet since I have recently lost all trust and been ‘carrying on’ by yelling and not answering and calling him names. I’m amazed in the matter of why I’ve even responded along these lines, and now it appears he has had enough as this has been going on for quite a long time. I detest feeling “harmed” or ‘needing treatment.’ What I can just accept it is from my father having undermined my Mum for around 10years from when I was a youngster before she discovered i knew yet couldn’t reveal. Also, when it blew up, I needed to help my Mum through her self-destructive considerations. I am so frightful this could be me and nearly disrupt the relationship at whatever point I get a whiff of what could be that. Any supportive thoughts.

  3. Margret Jan 29, 2017

    I am as of now experiencing the same circumstance from you! For me, this anxiety travels every which way. I know I cherish him and I would prefer not to lose him yet once in a while I have an inclination that I don’t love him. I doubt whether I consider him enough or if I adore him as much as he cherishes me. I’ve had this for around four years now yet it’s not consistent. For quite a while I have an inclination that I’m enamored with him I always think about this all the time, and it’s giving me so much anxiety!

  4. Johnson Jan 29, 2017

    I was in an exceptionally adoring relationship it was great until one day she parted ways with me for no apparent reason she needed to check whether she could do it). As far back as then connections make me anxious lose my hunger, and now it is hard for me to trust individuals I am involved with. It is additionally troublesome for me to discover somebody after that episode.

    • The past does not equal your future. Move forward with faith and understand that the universe will reward you for your actions again.

  5. Ragbars Jan 29, 2017

    Am 24 years of age and fear being in a relationship.The obligation that is seeing someone hard for me to provide food for.I don’t realize what to do because occasionally I have an inclination that I require somebody to be with to share my encounters in life. In any case, similarly, as I mentioned the previous session the obligations I think that is what is keeping me down I will appreciate it if my fellow reader can advise me.

  6. Caleb Jan 29, 2017

    I’ve been involved with my better half now for a long time we have a child together too, she undermined me around two years prior now, yet I’ve never gotten over it, I’ve seen terrible anxiety from this.

  7. Andrew Pat Jul 15, 2017

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