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January 22, 2017

“You Are More Than Anxiety” Dennis Simsek

With thousands of emails a month in my inbox, and many direct messages, I decided to make this Q & A for you. The one suffering, hoping, and confused. Confused about life, what direction to take, what the purpose of it all is.

Dealing With An Anxiety Disorder Was The Worst And Greatest Thing To Happen To Me

Many questions you have in your mind will be answered in the video above. You now have someone to relate to, me. Someone you can turn to for advice and a program that will create the change you want in your life. Health anxiety is debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. Life can be simple, and peaceful again, and it will be.

You Don’t Have To Be Confident In The Tools I Share, You Just Have To Be Relentless

Patience is a big part of recovery from health anxiety. Setbacks are inevitable, and you will face them. It will come down to the choices you make in the moments when you feel there is no hope left. Anxiety is the lack of love. Love for yourself. Love for your anxiety support team. Love for your purpose and mission in life.

Just because you feel like a victim now, there is a warrior within you. A warrior that knows there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But there’s resistance. Your mind which always evaluates situations and makes decisions depending on the filters that are in place in your mind. Your experiences, your values, your decisions, and your upbringing are all parts of that filter.

Do Me A Favor, Share This Video. Share It With Confidence So You Can Fill Someone Else’s Life With Inspiration And Solutions Today. We’re All In This Together. 

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2 comments on “The Anxiety Guy | Powerful Q & A

  1. Isabelle Dec 8, 2018

    Hi Dennis,
    I am Isabelle from France. My apologies for language mistakes that may occur as I’m French;)
    I found by chance your website and YouTube videos and I want to thank you so much… I have been struggling for 7 years now, facing terrible symptoms (especially chronic dizziness 24-7) with terrible impact on my daily life. It happened after several life challenges/difficulties ( difficult divorce, setting up my own company etc..), and no doctor in France has been able to understand what was going on. I am a single mum with a 12 year old daughter and even if I’m a strong person, I can tell you that those last years have been very, very hard….I had to change jobs, cannot live as before, cannot for ex go to the supermarket because of my dizziness etc… Thanks to you I have now understood that all those strange things I feel in my body come from anxiety and sensitizations. I cannot describe what I felt when I listened to your dizziness experience; at last I understand what I have and I am not alone!! I am going to watch and read all that you put on line, and I will follow carefully all your advice. It has brought me a new strength to carry on, keep hope and find solutions. Thousand thanks again. Isabelle/ South of France