How To Overcome Gym Anxiety Once And For All

January 13, 2018

“The Mind Will Make Everything Much Worse Than The Actual Experience Itself.”

Exercising is good for both the body and the mind. However, people with gym anxiety avoid going to the gym as it conjures up fearful pictures of daunting machines, huge muscled bodybuilders, and injury causing treadmills (which than presents a wide range of symptoms of anxiety). Below are some valuable tips on how to overcome gym anxiety once and for all.

1. Go to the gym during non peak hours

If gym anxiety sufferers avoid going to the gym for fear of being intimidated by other people, you can begin by visiting the gym during the non peak hours. This way you can avoid crowds and slowly get into the habit of exercising (systematic desensitization).

Gyms are the busiest during early mornings just before work and later in the evenings after work. So change your daily schedule and go to the gym during mid day or after 8 in the evening.

As you Begin placing yourself in the environments that you fear in small doses the pairings in your mind will change, and it will associate the environment to something more neutral.

2. Begin a group class

One of the best ways to overcome gym anxiety is by enrolling in a group fitness class at the gym ( I can hear you saying noooo, but hold that thought). The best part about such classes is the fact that you do not need to know any form of exercise and the instructor of the class will be teaching different kinds of workouts. Such classes typically do not have people who are experts and everyone will be trying to learn something new.

The atmosphere in such classes is also usually friendly. After joining a fitness class, you can come early to the class and find a quiet place where you can easily see and chat with the instructor. You can also introduce yourself to the instructor and get acquainted with him/her so that they can offer you added attention.

Remember, you don’t have to be at the front of the class, just being in the class, at the back, and moving, will show your system that the environment is a safe one.

3. Plan the exercises you want to implement at the gym

Creating a plan about the varied exercises that you would want to try out at the gym is a good option as it can help compartmentalize your workout regimen. It will also help you to avoid aimless wandering around the gym, which can increase anxiety and stress.

In case you want to lift weights map out a routine that you would like to try. If you want to engage in cardio workouts then try out machines like the Stairmaster, treadmill, or elliptical. When everything is planned, you can go straight to the machines and begin the workout instead of walking around and feeling as if everyone is watching you and judging you.

The magic is in the planning, and in the baby steps.

To create new associations in your mind you have to begin placing yourself in situations that bring about some icky feelings and thoughts. Only than do you have the opportunity top change the associations you’ve create. So do your best to plan your routine, start small, and follow through knowing you’re on the right track.

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2 comments on “How To Overcome Gym Anxiety Once And For All

  1. Darrell Jun 28, 2018

    This is my biggest problem i love exercise in all forms i have my own gym i am a PTI but when i am anxious when i should exercise the most i completely turn away from it my anxiety takes up so much energy (what i tell myself) i cant possibly be able to exercise and with stress fatigue also i find it had to motivate myself my drive dissapears i asked a friend to help coach me to drive me to push me and it went great she could only do it for 8 weeks due to work but i gained 11lb in muscle and felt fantastic but then i stoped i do some light exercise when i can but im competitive if i cant sprint a 100 meters then i wont walk 5 (whats the point i tell myself if i cant do it all im not worth the effort) this mind set is driving me mad im a lover of boxing always had high levels of controlled aggression and altgough i am stressed and anxious and angry i cant seem to force that aggression into my training anymore maybe im just getting old lol testosterones lower and all that but i will keep trying untill i break that barrier and over come my fear of over exerssion