3 Simple Ways To Beat Travel Anxiety

January 28, 2018

“For Every Anxious Thought There Must Be A Replacement Thought Followed By Evidence To Support It.”

Travel anxiety can be debilitating and can ruin the start of a vacation. So here are 3 ways to beat travel anxiety and have a great vacation:

1. Make detailed plans for every aspect of the travel

People with travel anxiety are often beset by endless questions like will I get up on time? Do I have all the necessary documentations and IDs? etc., etc. You can beat this by planning everything in detail. You may create different lists, pack in advance, and begin planning for the trip 2 to 3 days before the journey. This will help ensure that there are no sudden unforeseen roadblocks, decrease what-if questions, and prevent any stress or jitters on the day of the trip.

“Travel anxiety tends to spike when a sufferer is in physical discomfort.”

Economy seats are usually not that comfortable. Hence, take all necessary steps to ensure that you are not physically distressed. This can mean dressing comfortably; avoid tight jeans, opt for loose t-shirt, yoga pants, and good comfy socks, etc (and if you have generalized anxiety make sure to subscribe to THIS YouTube channel for the best support).

2. Ensure that you are healthy and fit leading up

Taking good care of yourself on the days leading to the day of travel can help beat travel anxiety. Changes in the levels of blood sugar can increase irritability which can then trigger and later amplify anxieties and fears. Eat a healthy balanced diet with regular snacks on the day of travel which will help ensure that metabolism and blood sugar levels are good.

Eat healthy protein rich foods like fruits, nuts, etc and avoid fast foods or those with excess sugars and artificial ingredients as it can cause volatility in blood sugar levels. The last thing we want is for travel anxiety to turn into health anxiety.

“Drink lots of water and keep the body hydrated.”

Dehydration can lead to varied side effects which can trigger anxiety. Exercise every morning for a week before traveling. This will help with circulation of blood and thus reduce the risk of restlessness or swelling when on the plane. Also, exercise is marked by the release of ‘happy’ endorphins which can stabilize the mood.

3. Keep the mind distracted

Anxiety sufferers can think up of a positive outcome for every possible negative situation that comes into their mind. For example, if you are worried about the car breaking down on the way to the airport, remind yourself that your car is in top condition with a full tank of gas and that the probability of it breaking down is nearly zero.

It is possible to distract the mind from any anxiety triggering aspects and thus help quell it. One of the most popular anxiety distracting items is music. You can make a playlist of all the songs that help keep you calm and joyous and then listen to it when flying. Other helpful distractions are crossword puzzles, a good book, etc.

How Do You Deal With Travel Anxiety? Share Your Tips Below.

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4 comments on “3 Simple Ways To Beat Travel Anxiety

  1. Hey there, Great share with a nice explanation of tips to beat anxiety. I’m going my first trip by next week to Barcelona and would take this tips into consideration.Thank you for such a great share.

  2. Drinks lots of water is the most crucial for remove anxiety, I think so. There are lots of reason whose can makes our travel ruin, anxiety is one of them. We should be careful about this issue. Always try to drink lots of water, wherever you are. BTW others point is also important. Thanks for sharing. 🙂