5 Teachers That Have Helped Heal My Mental Health

June 26, 2020

Some may call them artists, others mentors, and others gurus or even gods. I call them teachers because that’s what they truly did, they taught me how to truly live. As I learned how to live authentically my mental health improved naturally as a result.

These people helped me find myself once again

I was very lost and now I am found. during those dark anxiety ridden days I thought I already knew it all which led to not knowing anything in fact. Jealousy and blame was a regular reaction to seeing people going about their lives. Everyone needs a handful of people they trust in.

Here are my 5 and the main lessons they taught me:

1) Osho (Intuitiveness)

A man with tremendous love and worldly awareness, Osho has always been my most important guide for living. He brought me back to heart felt intuitiveness and brought me further away from mental overthinking that had led me to depersonalization (YouTube video on this symptom can be found here).

As I trusted my heart more I began thinking for myself and much more clearly. Soon enough, my instincts began normalizing again, recognizing true threat over irrational threat.

Favourite words: “Be realistic, plan for a miracle.”

2) Bob Marley (Simplicity)

Thinking about Bob Marley brings me right back to a life of innocence and simplicity. His childlike attitude coupled with his minimalistic approach defies what society wants for us. For me, his songs spur on connection over division and I will be forever grateful for how he has enhanced my mental health.

Favourite words: “Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

3) Seneca The Younger (Right Thinking)

A major philosophical figure and committed Stoic, Seneca will teach you much about life and death. He’s helped me alter my views over how much control we actually have over life and has allowed me to find comfort in ‘letting go’ more and more.

Many people may distance themselves from certain teachers due to the belief that their teachings go against what we’ve been told to believe about spirituality, religion etc. But once we open our minds and hearts up to the idea that these are nothing more than people we have the opportunity to learn from, we’ll begin creating our own beliefs in time.

Favourite words: “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

4) Jesus Christ (Gentleness)

After I put aside my pre-existing ideas around religion and Christianity, I was touched by his teachings. My mental health improved as I realized the ‘hardness’ and pressure I had been living with for so long. Jesus taught me that it didn’t have to be that way, and that self love was the starting point to many future miracles.

Again, when we see the teacher as an individual we can start hearing the important messages they have for us. This is an incredibly freeing place to live. Detached from labels and pre-conditioned beliefs.

Favourite words: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

5) Buddha (Power of Silence)

The word Buddha translates into ‘the one who is awake.’ I’ve learned much from Buddha that I continue to apply today. Mainly that drama, suffering, chaos, and inner turmoil doesn’t have to be ones life experience. To counter these self sabotaging habits silence was introduced into my life.

At first I had connected silence and meditation to time wasting and laziness. Soon I realized how false these previous ideas were and began realizing how important silence was for my mental health. ‘No mind’ became my committed mantra, and soon I found myself leaving anxiety and welcoming inner harmony.

Favourite words: “Pain is certain, suffering is optional.”

Through this blog post I was hoping to give you all a deeper look into my anxiety healing journey. I hope these teachers and words can fill you with deeper insights into your own journey. Please take a moment to comment below and share your own favourite teachers as well.

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