TAGP 173: The Most Important Rule For Health Anxiety Healing

February 4, 2019

“Disinterest In The Old Limiting Mental Patterns Is The Goal In Health Anxiety Healing.”

Today we’re diving deep into the mental side of things when it comes to health anxiety healing. We now recognize that things can happen very quickly within a person when they become physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually sensitive. I’d like to break down the structure to how someone becomes so highly sensitized to their bodily sensations, and why they allow their minds to dictate their actions.

Today’s message is quite simple but more challenging to implement (due to the un-familiarity factor). It’s much easier to jump to conclusions for a health anxiety sufferer, to allow the mind to dictate whether the body is safe or not, and whether they may lose total control. We want to begin by-passing these limiting mental structures so that we can provide safety to the subconscious, and therefore accept and challenge these limiting perspectives each time on our road to health anxiety recovery.

Health Anxiety Healing Shows Up When Structure Is Present, Skill Sets Are Readily Available When Anxious Situations Arise

No one deserves to live with health anxiety, it’s much more debilitating than just the label itself. It’s an inner battle day after day and the sensitization one feels due to the bodily feelings and catastrophic ideas shows no mercy many times. The safety zone that is being overly concerned over every bodily sensation can lead to a total delusional lifestyle. Threats may arise out of nowhere, and the external world becomes avoided more and more.

In today’s podcast episode I’ll be sharing a few vital messages related to:

  • Why too many warriors out there quit on themselves during health anxiety healing
  • How to create massive momentum towards personal development in the face of your fears
  • Why bodily symptoms of anxiety will continue to show up even after mental desensitization

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4 comments on “TAGP 173: The Most Important Rule For Health Anxiety Healing

  1. Darlene Feb 4, 2019

    This podcast is a great start for the week.
    Thank you

  2. Tracie Feb 4, 2019

    How do you get one on one time? I have a lot of things I need cleared up and I have worked on a lot myself but I have lost friends and trust few with my phase of life I have been in for the past 3 years. Been to several counselors and until about a month ago when I somehow ran across you I have made so many baby steps! I want more,