TAGP 191: How To Deal With Anxiety As An Empath

June 10, 2019

“Learning How To Deal With Anxiety As An Empath Leads To Tremendous Inner Insights And Freedom.”

Empaths are beautiful human beings that would take the shirt off their back for others in the coldest climates. There’s nothing to be ashamed of as an empath, but there’s plenty to be proud of instead. We live in a world where loudness and insensitivity is looked at as the way to be, and shyness and sensitivity being a sign of weakness.

Empaths absorb a lot of negative energy from others 

They just seem to be the types of people that others can just walk up to and dump all of their emotional distress on. Like the local punching bag, they take hit after hit by others, doing their best to be understanding and comfort others through their words. Learning how to deal with anxiety as an empath is a vital skill to learn, and it doesn’t mean you have to become someone completely new.

Being an empath comes with many advantages as you’ll hear in today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast

The one golden rule I have for empaths is to never allow others to make you feel ‘different.’ This kind of different makes empaths feel like a mistake, and the good kind of different would be in fact to look upon yourself as uniquely rare. Empathetic, compassionate, and a growing intuition that others simply don’t possess are just some of the characteristics an empath carries.

In today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be looking at:

  • Why learning how to deal with anxiety as an empath is so vital
  • What sort of things created an empath within you in the first place
  • How to utilize your empathic tendencies to create the kind of lifestyle you and others can be proud of

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