TAGP 78: Here’s What’s Keeping Your Panic And Anxiety Alive

August 21, 2017

anxiety and panic help“Nobody Realizes The Tremendous Amounts Of Energy Some People Expend Trying To Be And Feel Normal.”

Anger, bewilderment, regret, hesitation, need I go on about life with panic and anxiety? It’s important to understand what not to do, as much as what to do when confronted with panic and anxiety. Since we’re faced with a bombardment of information from the world on a daily basis, most people feel like they don’t even have the time to organize their own thoughts.

I Call This State Of Being The Pressure Cooker! A State That Fuels Panic And Anxiety.

That’s why i’m so excited to bring you this podcast episode, because I’ve lived it, a lot! It sucks, but there are lessons to be learned. Remember one of the many beautiful NLP presuppositions which states that there is no failure only feedback. Which means the negative state we find ourselves in on a daily basis, is a call for action from our subconscious minds.

Our subconscious minds bring up memories from the past asking us what to do with this information. If we do nothing to change it, the meaning stays the same, nothing is altered, and the state goes on until the next time it pops up. 

The mind is very open to change, remember that. Your subconscious mind loves you unconditionally, whether you believe it right now or not. This journey will create a power within that you and many other people will be proud of. You will take these lessons and help your loved ones, friends etc overcome their own challenges. So with that said…

Here Are The Top 3 Lessons We’ll Be Learning From This Episode: 

  • What you do unconsciously to keep panic and anxiety alive
  • How to begin changing your version of reality which will lead to less stress and anxiousness
  • How changing this one habit can shift your state of panic and anxiety quickly

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