TAGP 84: How Noise Pollution Is Affecting Your Anxiety Levels

October 2, 2017

how noise pollution affects your anxiety levels “Of All The Varieties Of Modern Pollution, Noise Pollution Is The Most Insidious.”

Could increased and steady noise be affecting your anxiety levels? Absolutely and here’s why; you don’t have to be consciously aware of something for it to be affecting you in some way. Getting to the bottom of noise pollution in your life is a very important matter because it could simply change everything.

Turning a noisy environment into a calm one can give you the peace you need that will lead you to emotional insight; the ability to see another way to think and act about something. Noise pollution is a big problem in today’s world and we’re rarely aware of it, until now.

It’s Important To Take A Good Listen To Your Immediate Environments And Ask Yourself ‘Could This Be Affecting Me?’

With realization comes a new mindset, with a new mindset you can take action to change some aspect of your life that may be causing you increased anxiety. Noise pollution is a massive problem today as more and more people are becoming more and more stressed out. But we can change that, we can be the conscious ones while the world lives through their unconscious pre-programmed fear based states.

Many times one big realization can change everything. This realization can lead to calmness in your life, and this calmness can lessen the amount of fight or flight you feel. When the parasympathetic nervous system is on, you begin the process of resting and digesting, this is a good thing if we want to move from internal chaos to a constant state of self control.

In episode #84 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we look into:

  • 3 ways you can begin eliminating noise pollution from your life
  • How noise pollution is affecting your fight or flight system
  • Why it’s so important to recognize how your environment plays a part

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