TAGP 76: Top 10 Ways To Overcome Sleep Anxiety

August 7, 2017

“Sleep Is The Most Important Part Of Recovery.”

Anxiety is a state of nervousness or agitation, especially prevalent when we are under extreme stress or are facing a difficult situation in our lives that must be resolved. The problem with sleep anxiety is that it can heighten the amygdala’s (your fight or flight response) interest, and you may find yourself sensitive to everyday things.

In episode #76 of the anxiety guy podcast I want to make sure that each and every sleep anxiety sufferer out there begins getting relief. This relief may not come overnight, but with careful attention to the very things in your environment, and your thought patterns, sleep anxiety relief is within your grasp.

Sleep Is The Best Form Of Meditation…

Someone once told me. During my health anxiety and generalized anxiety struggles there were times where I was exhausted, and didn’t know whether to to try and sleep or to meditate. If I slept I would miss an opportunity to focus on my breathing patterns and mindfulness. If I meditated I would be exhausted the next day. What’s a sufferer to do? I thought to myself.

Sleep Anxiety Can Cause Nightmares, Sleep Disturbances, And Much More

If nightmares disturb your sleep, if you wake suddenly in the night, or if you tend to sleepwalk, these are important signs. Other symptoms can include restless legs, insomnia or sleep interference. Researchers have determined that people who experience an interruption in their sleep patterns are likely to see a dramatic increase in this disturbance later on. They also suggest that there is a high correlation between insomnia and anxiety.

Since anxiety can be directly attributed to the loss of sleep and interruptions during the night, remedying the anxiety will kill two birds with one stone. In episode #76 of the anxiety guy podcast we learn about:

  • What sleep debt feels like, and what to do about it
  • How REM sleep is the deepest type of sleep
  • The #1 thing you must do today to begin overcoming sleep anxiety

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One comment on “TAGP 76: Top 10 Ways To Overcome Sleep Anxiety

  1. mohanned Aug 8, 2017

    yes. i noticed if i didnt get enough sleep i spend the rest of the day with more anxiety more panicky . more physical symptoms.. mood get vvv worse depressed.. but demnis sometimes the opposte happens… i sleep 9 to 10 hours i wake up also wht depressed mood then later turn to panicky and fear to go out.. i ask my self why ..i should be feeling bettre my brain got rest.. so wht do u think dennis . is it maybe the subconsuios working more during sleep or internal conflict tht i have in my mind .bcz always bf getting to bed i have conflicts about things i dont ..is it right wht i did or wrong thrn i sleep 9 hours when i wake up more anxiety and panicky . thx dennis for u podcastd