The Pain Of Rejection And How To Move On With Your Life

August 31, 2016

At least for me, rejection was one of the most heartbreaking things I ever experienced. When my former girlfriend who I thought I would marry, and live a happy life together told me she wanted to move on, I was devastated. How could things look so good to one person, but not the same for the other?

I Was Utterly Finished!

I started using powerful affirmations daily to try and turn my state around, but they only worked when I had some serious emotion behind them. So I learned that rejection is necessary medicine; it teaches us how to reject relationships and opportunities that aren’t going to work, so you can find the right ones that will. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; It just means someone else failed to notice what you have to offer.

Which means you now have more time to improve yourself and explore your options.

Will you be bitter for a moment? Absolutely. Hurt? Of course, you’re human. There isn’t a soul on this planet that doesn’t feel a small fraction of their heart break at the realization of rejection. For a short time afterwards you will ask yourself every question you can think of…

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Why didn’t they care about me?
  • How come?
  • etc.

But then you have to let your emotions fuel you in a positive way! This is the important part. Let your feelings of rejection drive you, feed you, and inspire one heck of a powerful opening to the next chapter of your story.

Honestly, if you constantly feel like someone is not treating you with respect, check your price tag. Perhaps you’ve subconsciously marked yourself down. Because it’s YOU who tells others what you’re worth by showing them what you’re willing to accept for your time and attention. So get off the clearance rack. And I mean right NOW! If you don’t value and respect yourself, wholeheartedly, no one else will either.

I know it’s hard to accept, but think about it…

All too often we let the rejections of our past dictate every move we make thereafter. We literally do not know ourselves to be any better than what some intolerant person or shallow circumstance once told us was true.

It’s time to realize this and squash the subconscious idea that you don’t deserve any better. It’s time to remind yourself that…

1. The person you liked, loved or respected in the past, who treated you like dirt again and again, has nothing intellectually or spiritually to offer you in the present moment, but headaches and heartache.

2. Take a deep breath. Inner peace begins the moment you decide not to let another person or event control your emotions. Those with the strength to succeed in the long run are the ones who build themselves up with the bricks others have thrown at them.

3. Rejections and naysayers aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things; so don’t let them conquer your mind. Step forward! Seriously, most of us do not understand how much potential we have – we limit our aspirations to the level someone else told us was possible. Don’t do this to yourself! Right now is a new beginning.

Take these suggestions and find the inner lion in you.

This isn’t the end, but the beginning! You have so much to offer this world, and it’s time you started showing people what you’re made of. Use the anger you have in you to fuel your physical workouts, take the time to meet new people and grow your relationships.

Todays is a new opportunity for you, don’t let it slip away.

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2 comments on “The Pain Of Rejection And How To Move On With Your Life

  1. ed pierce Sep 14, 2016

    I tried affirmations off and on and never found them to be very effective. That is, until I really had a need for them and I was at my most vulnerable emotionally. Then the affirmations became helpful and a part of my daily routine.

    • When there’s great emotion behind the affirmation, and you start to feel it within you, change can happen. Great job Ed.