TAGP 28: Personal Review On The Best Anxiety Book On The Planet

September 5, 2016

best anxiety bookHere’s my personal review on Hope And Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. A book that has helped many worldwide along with myself. A book that is very easy to understand, and apply into your life. This is the best anxiety book out there simply due to the relatability it has with its readers.

Many times when suffering with health anxiety people get confused. Is this symptom of anxiety due to my nerves? Is tension causing this feeling in my throat? These questions as well as many more are answered in this anxiety book.

The one thing I must warn you about this book though, is that it comes with some questionable material. I’m a firm believer in the idea of going natural when you start your recovery from health anxiety. Some parts in the book speak quite highly about antidepressants and anti anxiety medication, which in my opinion are great at a chronic level. But even then…

I’ve Seen Natural Health Anxiety Transformations On A Daily Basis

This means that it is possible, but takes certain characteristics. One is that you must have patience. CBT has been proven over and over to help health anxiety sufferers naturally overcome their challenges. Also certain herbs and supplements can act just as good, and without the side effects of many medications out there.

But in the end the choice is always yours, the valued listener of The Anxiety Guy Podcast. In the best anxiety book episode review you’ll also be earning about:

  • Why you feel the certain symptoms of anxiety you do randomly
  • Why panic attacks happen to you out of the blue
  • How to eliminate the tension you’re currently feeling throughout your body

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10 comments on “TAGP 28: Personal Review On The Best Anxiety Book On The Planet

  1. mohamed Sep 5, 2016

    dennis in very glad u tailked anout dr claies book … and we share the same opinion about the part of medication which i dont agree with ..yrs her book expainls alot fear of fear and fear adrenalne fear and simple thought can trigger stress hormones like why its only me ..why i cannot be like other people . this statment i always say it to my self when i beat anxiety and next day it show up stronger and stronger.. im with u we need time and patient for cbt .. people and me want qiuek fix in one button.. thts never going happend ..i belive its human nature nobody wants to feel discomfot its normal .. i have friend keep telling me why u keep tormenting u self take pills for short time he said i tried it ir worked long time ago and i stopped pills many years ago.. i told him im deffernt from u .first i tried medication it realy worked but then side effects ocuured .. v horrible .the simplest side effects was high liver enzyme and losing hair and temporary amnesia and aggresive .. i dont want mention the horrible one people might get scared … so we need only patient and time .. importent thing not stay alone ..staying alone will make u mind play tricks on u .. we do yes forget our small wins . i done lots of large wins ..i have travelled to many countries in 3 years of my anxiety and constant fear.. i do admit i had expeirenced moments of high level of feae and called some friends so thet calm me down and remonding me i had to overcome it.. which im sure wht i did was bad idea calling then i should have handle it by my self but at least i travelled in plane for hours ..i stayed in orher contrires for at least a week ..i call it victory.. but as u said dennis we dont look at this victory bcz second day i went back home my anxiety got back i got frustrated that lead to fuel my anxiety fear adreanile fear .. i know i need to accept more more.. but im happy im bettre than other people who cannot leave their home.. at least i read i accept others tips thts fine with me… and dennis alot of people had recovred fron anxiety and panic u are one of them iv seen them on youtube… so why dont i the.n.. i will saomeday as thet recoverd i will one all sufferes..

    • it’s time to get out of your head, and into your outer world Mohamed. The cycle continues as long as you respect, and fear your anxiousness. Decide today, release yourself of this cycle, you can, but you must believe in change fully.

      • mohamed Sep 6, 2016

        i will follow u wht u have recommended dennis ill do my best ..its the only way to release my self fron the cycle .. thx for encoureging me always ..let it be yeh

  2. ed pierce Sep 14, 2016

    Thank you for the interesting review. It is very difficult to find a real review anymore as many are paid for or just someone going through the motions. Your review was very helpful and insightful.

  3. Dale Alice Sep 21, 2016


    Last year, I was going through some hard times in life that made me to consult my personal doc due to unbearable nerves. The doc prescribed some anti-anxiety medications for two weeks. By then, health anxiety was still a “new term” in my life and I had to comb through some of the best health anxiety books just to understand the situation. I agree with you “…many times when suffering with health anxiety people get confused” but it becomes worse if we can’t recognize other health anxiety related issues. Thank you for an informative podcast.

    • Vey happy the anxiety guy podcast is helping Dale. I know the program you just purchased from this page will also get you to understand further the reasons for health anxiety.

  4. Petty Arizon Sep 22, 2016

    Thank you for an informative health anxiety podcast. When a loved one is down with health anxiety related issues a lot of things in life can go wrong. The book by Dr Claire Weekes [Hope And Help For Your Nerves] is insightful on how to recover from health anxiety and I highly recommend it to health anxiety sufferers. Also, I recommend your 1-on-1 CBT Life Coaching sessions for anyone seeking for personalized action plan specifically designed for health anxiety issues.