5 Quotes About Anxiety That Will Change Everything

December 28, 2018

“Quotes About Anxiety Can Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Perspective, If You Think About The Relativity To You.”

During my 6 years with an anxiety disorder I used to look at quotes about anxiety and get highly motivated. That motivation quickly disappeared though since I didn’t do any thinking around the actual quote.

It’s The Thinking Part That We’re Missing, Inspirational Quotes About Anxiety Are Good, But You Must Think Further About Their Meaning For It To Affect You Positively.

Below you’ll find 5 quotes about anxiety from my content on Instagram (follow along) that are truly life altering. They speak to the anxiety sufferer directly, and allows new viewpoints to be explored. This kind of open-ness to exploring new ideas and seeing past the patterns that are causing anxiety is where the magic truly lies.

5 Powerful Quotes About Anxiety

Quote #1

“The Anxious Feelings Are A Sign From Your System Telling You Not To Do That Anymore.”

It’s not that your mind, emotions, and body hate you, it’s that it’s trying to give you a ‘heads up.’ This heads up is due to past experiences and lessons that your subconscious mind doesn’t want you to go through again. Sometimes anxious feelings show up in the am when nothing’s going on, or during a conversation with someone, or even during exercising. It all means that the meaning over what occurred from the past, that was distressing, hasn’t changed yet. Time to shift the meaning of that event (watch this video which explains how we store these emotional traumas in our bodies).

Quote #2

“Anxiety Is Connected To Two Sides Of A Person In Conflict. One Wanting Freedom, The Other Wanting Safety, Meaning Worry.”

Safety = worry because worry = familiarity. Whatever has been the most repeated will be the thing your subconscious mind will want you to default to, behaviourally and emotionally. To give up these habits of anxiousness and worry means to learn brand new lessons, something that doesn’t fit well with the needs around efficiency of your brain. Resistance will be there, expect it.

Quote #3

“Never Allow Your Identity To Be Attached To The Approval Of Others.”

We’ve relied so much on others to approve of our choices, that we never truly become who we’re meant to become. Limitless, proud, confident, creating the inner world we want to live in so that our outer world reflects it. No ones opinion matters anymore, remember that. You make your own decisions from now on based on the facts available to you. And if others don’t accept the new you and the transition you’re on, they don’t deserve to be in your life.

Quote #4

“Find A New Perspective Over The Thing You’re Torturing Yourself Over That Happened Years Ago. You’re Not Weak For Doing So, You’re Growing Up.”

Thinking is the most under-trained and under practiced skill in human beings today. We’ve become instinctual and emotional creatures quickly jumping to conclusions (certainly in the case of health anxiety, in which case these affirmations will help) far before we remind ourselves of the facts. What happened in your past happened, and it happened because it made you a more educated and stronger person. I have a question for you… why are you grateful for those tough times? Mind switch.

Quote #5

“Suffering Arises When We Try And Control Everything, And Keep Everything As They Currently Are.”

Our health, our reputation, peoples words and even their body language towards us, you name it. We’ve become control freaks frightened over losing that control. To make control a necessary part of your life means to live with an addiction to suffering (if this sounds like you, this proven CBT program can help). Wouldn’t you rather give up some (or a lot in many cases) control, and instead become accustomed to an exciting and adventurous life that isn’t perfectly controlled and planned out?

Don’t you remember that time you first laid eyes on your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend? You were completely uncertain of the outcome, but yet there was a sense of mysteriousness in the air. That worked out didn’t it? And if it didn’t, you learned a valuable lesson didn’t you? The point is that you HAVE TO begin giving up control over each aspect of your life if you truly want to life a life free from the addiction to suffering, and inner chaos.

Which Of The Above Quotes About Anxiety Spoke To You The Most? Comment Below And Inspire A Fellow Warrior.

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16 comments on “5 Quotes About Anxiety That Will Change Everything

  1. Danielle Dec 28, 2018

    “Anxiety Is Connected To Two Sides Of A Person In Conflict. One Wanting Freedom, The Other Wanting Safety, Meaning Worry.”

    This one spoke to me for sure. My Brian one is always in drive while my Brain two, the conscious brain”, kinda sits back and lets Brain one do its thing. My brain is so used to the constant worrying that when I try to kick my rational brain into gear it’s not quite sure what to do since it’s so used to that familiarity. I’m going to print this out and hang it in my locker at work since being a nurse in the OR is a huge trigger place for me. Thanks for the quotes!

  2. Sally Ortega Dec 28, 2018

    Those were great! I really relate to quote #4. Thank you.

  3. Patty Dec 29, 2018

    #4: It’s not so much I’m torturing myself over hurts from the past (by husband, sister, parents), it’s that it keeps occurring and when it does I get all different physical symptoms. I’m guessing the physical symptoms are my mind’s way of distracting me from that hurt, but I need to change my reactto that hurt because you can’t make people act differently-they are going to do what they want, but I need to see it as their problem, not mine, and that I don’t deserve this treatment from them. It’s not easy because close family members aren’t supposed to hurt each other.

  4. Karen Dec 29, 2018

    The affirmations. I’m so thankful for all the knowledge and gifts you share with us that I could truly cry. I am so blessed to have found you and the help you provide to us. Thank you.

  5. Emily G. Dec 30, 2018

    Thank you so much for the context and explanation for the quotes. They are really helpful for me right now. I specially identify with the last quote, since I believe that my anxiety comes from wanting to plan and control everything in my life.

  6. Dustin Dec 30, 2018

    Always looking for approval, that’s my problem. Focusing on what other think of me, when in reality they probably either don’t care or just think I’m a regular guy. I know this, but I still get anxious when talking to people.
    I’ve just discovered your blog and there are some really interesting things. Thank you.

  7. Concetta Jan 2, 2019

    Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with others. I appreciate this, you don’t ask money and we are able to listen to podcasts and read your emails for free. You help me by doing this, 2019 is the year of my change

  8. Paula Jan 24, 2019

    #1, #3, and #5 really stick out to me the most. My brain thinks I need approval others to be me. I’m not a fan when routines are changed. I constantly have scenarios going through my head. I have pretty bad health anxiety. One little twinge and I think that’s it! Thanks for the quotes it was a bit of an eye opener.