TAGP 162: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Low Self Worth And A Guided Visualization Session For Anxiety

December 13, 2018

“We’re Hardwired To Love But Have Been Conditioned To Hate.”

Imagine leaving the door of your mind open all day everyday for anyone to walk in. Anyone with a suggestion over how you look, what you should do etc, gets automatically accepted and gets added onto the current programs you’re running in your mind. Welcome to the world of low self worth. That inner feeling of not deserving love, financial freedom, friendships, even a smile from someone.

Your Self Worth Is A Leading Component For Living A Peaceful And Fulfilling Life

Simply put, if you’re low on self worthiness your brains filter system will be adjusted to focus on lack. To be more specific, WHAT you lack. You lack the skills, the mindset, the drive, the experience, the willingness, the personality etc. I lived in this world of rock bottom self worth for many years. It led me to staying cemented within the confines of my comfort zones until a CBT based approach was implemented for my low self worth and anxiety disorder .

Nothing Changed In My Life, Which I Was Ok With Because I Would Never Put Myself In A Situation Where I’d Get Disappointed

Moseying along day after day spending a few minutes daily thinking about the nice idea positive change was, before quickly scattering back into my well known identity. What an existence, a dead man walking, and too many people are at this level of self worth constantly sabotaging any good that appears in their lives.

Today I’m also going to take a few important minutes to guide you through a beautiful guided visualization session. I’m doing this so I can give you a taste of how to properly and powerfully emotionally reframe your past traumas that are still weighing heavily on you, as well as provide you with a sense of calm to take on the rest of your day.

In todays episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show I’ll be answering your questions on:

  • Where low self worth comes from
  • How to start turning the tables on low self worth
  • How to break yourself of the limiting hold over taking anxiety medications

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