TAGP 161: 10 Key Factors To Mastering Your Mental Health

December 9, 2018

“Mastering Your Mental Health Is Much More Than Just Thinking Differently. It’s About Tapping Back Into Your Creative Genius.”

If people worked as hard at mastering their mental health as they do their jobs, they’d be a whole lot happier. Not only happier, they’d be a whole lot more mindful, clearer in their thinking, recognize the good around them, and feel a lot wealthier in every which way.

This goes all the way back to ancient teachings (here’s the podcast episode for this). The ancients warned us of the invisible toxic energy we as a society would be giving off if we messed up what our priorities were. They warned us of potential sickness, exhaustion and depletion, and about just ‘making it through’ life.

It’s time we unselfishly prioritized ourselves first. We’re all searching for better feelings, so let’s practice mastering your mental health so that those feelings stick around for the long term

In today’s podcast episode you’re going to tap into the missing ingredients that lead to mastering your mental health. These ingredients are many times outside of our awareness, and because it’s outside of our awareness we become confused as to why we’re getting the results we are.

Everything is connected. That means that when you change, everyone around you starts to change. Maybe not as an identity, but your perceptions over people, things, and situations begin to shift. This is what’s called an awakening and it shows your potential to grow out of your limiting beliefs that you adopted during childhood. Your recovery from anxiety depends on your levels of absorption of today’s podcast episode, and what you do with the knowledge.

In today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’re discussing:

  • The challenges that you may be experiencing when embarking on a journey towards mastering your mental health
  • The fastest route towards shifting the way you perceive your past
  • How mastering your mental health will ultimately lead to mastering your emotional and physical health

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2 comments on “TAGP 161: 10 Key Factors To Mastering Your Mental Health

  1. Sebastian Dec 11, 2018

    I am always Afraid of not making enough money, eventhough i have a good pay job.

    O think that problem came from my father that never had a estable Job.