TAGP 307: The Mysterious Reasons For Your Lack Of Self Worth And Self Love

August 30, 2021

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be diving deep into the reasons for your lack of self worth and self love, and how it’s perpetuating your anxiety…


Show Notes:

If your self worth feels low and your happiness is dependent on other people listen up.

self worth

If you know that love is the answer and yet self love always seems to defy you this anxiety guy episode is for you. 

Understand this…

  • You haven’t associated new meanings to words like love, care, inner healing, peace etc so you keep experiencing the same pain connected to old associations to these words. 
  • Your parents were your gods, your main authorities at the beginning of life. Hence whatever they did and however they thought became your meaning around love. If they argued a lot then anger means love to you at a subconscious level, if they watched horror flicks during their relaxing time after work then you associated horror to peace and calm, hence your discomfort when you relax.

Positive words many times don’t have positive meanings to anxiety sufferers because they’ve unconsciously associated each to some type of pain.

The Answer: Become more absorbed and bring in more feeling behind your change work. It’s the emotional connection that changes the meaning of a word and experience so the greater the connection to your affirmations, your meditations, your daily reframing practice, your responding skill sets in the moment the faster the inner child will be convinced of a new association to these words.

We are afraid to feel something new because the formula the inner child uses is that familiarity equals safety, not unfamiliarity equals safety. This is why we find ourselves running the same behaviours and inner programs when we are not conscious of what’s taking place. Today’s anxiety guy episode will clear things up so that you can become more aware of this phenomenon. 

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