HAP 13: 3 Things You Must Start Doing For Your Health Anxiety Today

June 22, 2019

“Here’s What To Start Doing For Your Health Anxiety To Begin Seeing Positive Progress Now.”

To heal health anxiety we must do more than hope for mental, emotional, and physical change to show up. The key word in that last sentence is heal, by the way. I’m not discussing the word coping which is much different than healing. Coping comes with limits, it identifies that health anxiety will have to be accepted and brought with you for the rest of your life.

Knowing how important the mindset and attitude is towards healing health anxiety, we must start healing and stop coping starting now

Today on the health anxiety podcast show I want to dive into some real practical steps. These steps when understood and applied will create a shift in your thinking and perceiving over yourself and your physical symptoms of anxiety. Because isn’t that what we’re shooting for here? Disinterest? To become disinterested in the catastrophic ideas that float around in your head when a sensations of anxiety shows up is freedom.

Freedom means that you can start to become more aware of your external world, and less on your internal world

Can I just say that you deserve this kind of goodness, and you can maintain it as well. The mind can play tricks on us and make us believe that due to a few traumatic events from our pasts that we must maintain this high level of struggle and self punishment. This is un-true though, because those experiences when analyzed deeper come with life lessons, not labels for future situations. You don’t have to live your present life based on the beliefs you’ve taken on from past experiences.

Get ready ready for a valuable episode of the health anxiety podcast show where we’ll look deep into:

  • What your future after health anxiety will look like
  • The skill sets every warrior needs to start the recovery process over health anxiety
  • My personal experiences with the ups and downs of healing health anxiety

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2 comments on “HAP 13: 3 Things You Must Start Doing For Your Health Anxiety Today

  1. Brian Jul 2, 2019

    Hello I have been to 2 other anxiety podcasts and all they do is talk about the symptoms,your podcast tells me how to get better.Ive only played 5 podcasts so far and feel empowered and emotionally better.Thankyou just for being there and giving me hope for the future.I have anxiety and I’m also getting rid of it one day at a time.