10 Reasons For Anxiety That You’re Unaware Of

July 4, 2019

A man standing alone - reasons for anxiety

“Reasons For Anxiety Always Comes Before Results.”

We live in a world of being caught up. So caught up in our daily to-do’s and pleasing others in fact that we rarely take the time to think that our emotional states could in fact be wrong! Meaning, you actually don’t have to feel the way you do right now each and every day in your present life.

The physical symptoms a person experiences such as depersonalization, dizziness, heart palpitations, a lump in the throat sensation and more, all have a reason and cause to them, and here they are:

1 – You’re Watching Too Much News

I’m known for being a straight shooter and telling it like it is with tremendous empathy backing up my words. So here it is, you don’t have to know every little detail over what’s going on in the world! There are many people today suffering from anxiety that feel like worry is a daily need. The more they worry the more productive they feel they are, the safer they feel, and the more connected they feel to themselves.


You’re living in a delusional world if you believe that worry is preventing you from harm and is a necessary trait for your identity. Watching the news is one of those ways a person fulfills these ideas that float around in their head each day.

But here’s the truth, you don’t have to know it all. Heck, I’m perfectly fine with not knowing what the details are of the latest artificial intelligence robot, how world war 3 is progressing, and what Donald Trumps latest fiasco is politically. Turn the TV off already, you’ll live, and you’ll live better.

2 – No Direction Or Purpose In Life

Such a cliche I know but I had to remind you, because I care. If you don’t have a large enough reason that flings you out of bed each day, you’ll always be searching for temporary pleasures, and give into temptation. Your purpose must help to serve others and the world, and your life must have meaning. Without this deep meaning your life metaphor will always be something like…

“Life Is Like A Never-Ending Dark Tunnel Of Blah.”

You don’t want your life to be blah, do you? So stop waiting for the right feeling to show up, or the right time, and take a step in the right direction. Analyze what you’ve put on the shelf because of your anxiety and begin taking steps to get back into those passions. You may find that this kind of digging and acting on your hunches takes you right out of your anxiety, who would have known!?

3 – No Skills Related To Doing The Inner Work

‘Winging it’ was such a cool way to do things back in high school. To not give too much attention to anything, to study less, and to be the rebel of your class. The only problem with this is that you’ll fall into quicksand fast, and feel like you’re constantly trying to dig yourself out. The lesson is to stop doing everything at random and start organizing your skill sets for the day ahead. These skill sets can be related to these areas:

  • Mental – Learning how to counter one way of seeing a situation with another
  • Emotional – Learning how to allow yourself to feel differently about situations that cause you anxiousness
  • Verbal – To speak to others in an opposing more empowering way than you have been
  • Behavioural – Doing things that force you to level up in life, and step out of your comfort zone
  • Imaginative – Imagining the best case scenario rather than the worst

Without a few powerful skill sets to apply during moments of sensitivity, your anxiety will sky rocket. You’ll find yourself at the mercy of your thoughts, feelings, and past memories. Looking at potential reasons for anxiety, I’d say take this one very seriously.

4 – Obsessive Thoughts (The Spider Web Effect)

The spider web effect is a habit where once a negative idea shows up in a persons conscious mind, they connect that limiting idea to another one, and another one, and so forth. This leads to a feeling that isn’t appreciated and actions that keep us from experiencing the day the way we’d like to. People give their thoughts way too much respect in this day and age, and there lies our biggest problem that leads to so much anxiety in todays world.

A thought is just A thought, an emotion is just an emotion

Did you know that you consciously and unconsciously go through around 70,000 thoughts per day? That’s a ton of thoughts, but the important question is why do you give more attention to some thoughts over others? The answer is due to habit, a system within you that only cares about your survival, and your upbringing.

Either way, we have no time for victimhood, so start recognizing the unlimited ways you have to question and respond to a thought, and start defying your fear and anxiety starting today.

5 – Uncertainty About The Future

There aren’t a whole lot of people that enjoy uncertainty, but this holds the key to your freedom. If you lose your job what’s the worst that can happen really? You move back in with your parents let’s say, and is that what you’re so scared of?

If your dog dies (harsh example, I know) what’s the worst that can happen? You’re saddened by the event for a few weeks before recognizing all the things you now get to do that you couldn’t do when you had a dog? Controlling every aspect of life is one of the biggest reasons for anxiety, as yourself if you’re on this boat now.

The Important Thing To Understand Here Is That Uncertainty Can Be Your Friend, And Certainty Doesn’t Have To Be Fought For Day In And Day Out

When you were a kid I bet you LOVED uncertainty. The playground, the new kid in school, the field trips and much much more. You didn’t know the outcome of those events, and yet you were in a pleasurable emotional state. That fun, adventurous, and care-free kid still lives within you, you just have to start listening to that voice.

6 – Environmental Factors

Your workplace, your friends, the clutter in your house. Let’s take the example of a cluttered house and how it creates a cluttered mind. You notice how different you feel once you’ve cleaned your house? It’s like a new you shows up! Empowered, clear, limitless. Imagine cleaning up the other environmental factors that could be the reasons for your anxiety, the same way you clean your house.

Yes, you will feel relieved, right after you feel the wrath of uncertainty (and that’s ok)

The lesson here is to take a deeper look into the environmental factors that are contributing to your anxiety. Do you want to stay friends with those energy vampires simply because it’s been such a familiar part of your life? Or do you want to tell the world about how you overcame an anxiety disorder? Start digging.

7 – Too Much Time Alone

The media has gained control over our brains, and alone time usually means social media time (or some other time wasting routine). If you’re currently spending a large portion of your time alone with yourself, you’ll unconsciously find ways to sabotage your life, I promise. Simply because we’re looking for the next thing that will turn our inner pain into pleasure as quick as possible.

For Most People It’s A lot Easier To Grab A Bag Of Cheetos And A Beer, Than To Grab A Pen And Paper And Analyze Why Their Anxiety Is Rising Daily

The key here is balance. You’ve got to start creating awareness as to how you can start becoming pat of the world again. Whether that be with like minded goal seeking individuals, or re-uniting with your old relationships, or joining a gym. The goal is to get started. Oh, and if your brain comes up with a hundred reasons for why you shouldn’t or can’t, that’s normal (this video will tell you why).

8 – Obsessing Over Bodily Symptoms Of Anxiety

One of the biggest reasons for anxiety is overly focusing on the potential ‘bad’ ending related to a bodily symptom of anxiety. A debilitating cycle that I talk about weekly on the Health Anxiety Podcast Show that traumatizes many people, sometimes on a daily basis.

There are many reasons for this type of obsessing habit, so a deeper look into each persons story is crucial

Some may be feeling the affects of past emotional trauma (which I believe is the biggest reason), some may be fighting toxicity in the body, some may have too much free time and filling it with other perceived ways of strengthening their chances of survival by worrying more (this was me). All I know is that no matter what your health anxiety story is, the understanding, the skill sets, and the faith in the process will get you to freedom.

9 – Past Trauma

My favourite and most commonly visited topic with my personal clients towards the reasons for anxiety. As you’ve heard me talk about in this YouTube video on questions to find out whether trauma is the culprit, these reasons can’t be overlooked. We don’t move through our days consciously, we move through our days unconsciously. Habit forms the life we live and habit becomes the effect of the cause which in this case means memories that haven’t been dealt with.

For every 10 people that go through my programs and my sessions, 9 of them are speaking with me due to past memory, and feel relief from their anxiety once their past traumas are re-negotiated

Bold, I know, and true! To re-negotiate your traumas means to let go. To see it as it is, not worse than it is, and to say your piece to the people in your past you need to. By emphasizing work around the imagination we can go back in time (work with a practitioner on this please) and see, hear, feel, taste, smell the experience differently. Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis are also sensational ways of doing this kind of inner work, if this is a part of the reasons for anxiety for you.

10 – Toxicity In Foods

Rarely discussed as one of the reasons for anxiety, and it’s not fair. Toxicity in foods must get more attention and further consciousness and awareness must overlap unconscious behaviours. Nutrition can be medicine or poison for the body, so don’t just go by what tastes good to you. Your taste buds have been bossed around for so many years that they literally don’t work the same way they once did.

Every bite of food is either healing your mental health or sabotaging it

I do feel however that the world is waking up and beginning to realize that their nutrition choices are not only affecting their longevity and disease, but also the quality of their present lives. Small actions towards conscious eating at any time in your life can have remarkable effects on on your overall well-being. So take this potential reason for your anxiety very seriously.

Here’s The Video Version Of This Post Below. Enjoy!

Which Of These Reasons For Anxiety Do You Believe Is Contributing To Your Emotional Distress The Most? Comment Below And Inspire Others!

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26 comments on “10 Reasons For Anxiety That You’re Unaware Of

  1. Helen Jul 4, 2019

    Fantastic article. Thank you so much. Unfortunately there isn’t a “short cut” to feeling better when anxiety and MH problems strike – so many people are guided down the wrong path (ie meds) before really trying to understand the root cause and that can make recovery a much longer process. I’m speaking from personal experience – I’ve struggled with anxiety for over 20 years and only now feel like I’m beginning to understand it.

  2. Tommi Jul 4, 2019

    I’ve dealt with anxiety depression for 17 yrs after mom did. Now a 1.5 yrs after a medical crisis that we discovered was anxiety related. I’m constantly dealing with health anxiety which makes makes muscles tight which make symptoms bigger. Dealing with past trauma and stinking thinking and fear real vrs false. . I’ll conquer it as God shows me how. Right now I’m med free. So I’m going with 6,8 and 9.

  3. Sharon Jul 5, 2019

    Dennis, your explanations are extremely helpful. My past “trauma” seems to be the feeling of abandonment. I was the youngest of 7 kids. One time I came home from kindergarten and couldn’t find my mom anywhere (on the farm). Turns out she was doing outside chores and didn’t hear me come home. Then thru my childhood, my older siblings “left home” and I felt a sense of abandonment. Ten years ago I went thru a divorce and felt the abandonment again. I tend to try to please people, I guess for fear of them not liking me. All leads to my anxiety. How can I reframe these types of experiences?
    I’m grateful for your program.

  4. Tracie Jul 5, 2019

    Wow! Yep, all of them except watching the news. I have cut that out. 🤦‍♀️

  5. Intensive Thoughts and images 💔

  6. Andrea Wilson Jul 5, 2019

    This is another great article Dennis! Each time I read one of your articles I gain more clarity and understanding around my anxiety. I have recently come to the realization that I let anxiety become a part of who I am and I am continuing to feed that anxiety by constantly clicking on an reading articles about depression and anxiety over and over again, telling my subconscious mind that I am still dealing with this when in fact my anxiety has greatly lessened over the past year and I am starting to see the causes for my depression, I am so close to getting past anxiety I can feel it.

    Thank you for all that you do! You have truly helped me work through this!

  7. Andrea Jul 5, 2019

    Such a great article Dennis! I am getting more and more lightbulbs around anxiety each day and I am so close to overcoming this challenge thanks to you!

    I am beginning to realize that I am letting anxiety define who I am. I am constantly reading articles related to anxiety and depression telling my subconscious mind that this is who I am and who I will always be. When in reality all of my worries have never come true and in reality I have a great life and am in great health.

    Overthinking and never fully being in the present moment is another cause which I am working towards and believe is the final step in overcoming this.

    Thank you so much Dennis!

  8. Marianne Jul 7, 2019

    I’ve had anxiety and depression since I was 16…I’m 45 now. I’ve had counselling and I feel I have an understanding g of what anxiety is and yet it never leaves me. I feel it is all I am 😢 and all I have ever been.

  9. Patty Overly Jul 7, 2019

    I started having anxiety in my early 20’s when my parents split up. I was a grown woman with a child of my own, but that rocked my very foundation. Over the years I have had dealt with cycles of anxiety with medication and really caring friends. Now in my 50’s, here I go again. A health scare started the ball rolling and I’m hanging on for dear life wondering if I can live through this again. If I can teach my old brain new tricks, then I’m all for it. 3, 4, 5, 8, 10.

  10. henry Jul 9, 2019

    Health anxiety…who would have thought? It has plagued me for the most of my 58 years of my life passed on through the family. Mothers mother as I can remember. It never made sense until I came across your podcasts and your passion for taking this “anxiety” issue and making it more easy to understand. Wish all the doctors would learn about this rather than prescribing the meds. Thank you for your continued work in this area. I feel my nervous system can learn to “rest and digest” rather than being in a hyper aroused state “fight flight” everyday. Thanks Dennis

  11. I have started to live alone since the past one month after my brother moved out and I am also a solopreneur. I am definitely unaware that it could lead to anxiety, which I am facing every now and then, but then, I have learned how to mingle with like-minded people too and I also watch my thoughts so that I don’t self-sabotage. The thing is, I have been working on my dream business and things felt lonely in the past and I have to move to a job I hate. It took a lot of courage and responsibility to quit that job and do what I love doing, because ultimately, we need to learn how to maneuver in situations that are not really favourable for us and learn to find the best solution and stay positive until the solution is found.

    Finding a group of people that likes doing what we live doing at times may be difficult but I am more postive now than ever. Therefore, I know that even this will pass.

  12. Rosetta Sep 28, 2019

    1, 4 and 5 have been robbing me off my emotional stability, and I never know till now. Since prevention is better than cure, guess I will do the needful.

  13. Yasmine Feb 19, 2020

    I know most of my anxiety comes from obsessive and negative thoughts. For example, when I have something to do the next day it is impossible for me to stop focusing on the negative things that could possibly happen the night before and I sometimes end up canceling some of my plans because of them so I’ll end up feeling emotional, sad, scared and sometimes I start to judge myself. Once a negative thought settles in my mind it become difficult to let it go. thank you for this blog posts you let us know more anxiety causes which most of us didn’t experience before.

  14. Carol May 30, 2021

    Thank you Dennis.
    I needed to read this.
    I was just thinking about this.
    I need a new plan in life