8 Powerful Reasons To Start Juicing Today

October 13, 2016

I truly want to get you pumped about juicing on this beautiful Sunday and that’s why I want to give you 8 important reasons to begin juicing, as well as 3 excellent recipes to start your juicing journey today!

1. Drinking fresh juice is full of live enzymes, which is incredibly helpful for your body.

how to start juicing

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2. Unlike coming out from a package, the juice is fresh and not pasteurized. Pasteurization may have its conveniences but it has resulted in nutritionally dead foods. During pasteurization, high heat is used and this destroys the vital nutrients within the juice.

3. You consume more vegetables by drinking than by eating. As you probably have experienced, it’s not always possible to eat as many vegetables as you would like. Drinking fresh vegetable juice helps take care of this problem.

4. Digestion and assimilation of the vegetable nutrients is much easier. Your body is in fact, like a juicer. When you eat a celery, your body will digest the celery by extracting the juice to get the nutrition. The fiber is eliminated via the colon and bowel movements.

However, if you juice, you have already extracted the juice for the body thus making it easier for your assimilation. Nevertheless, it’s still important to eat whole vegetables and fruits because you need some amount of fiber as well.

5. Fasting gives your digestive system a rest. Since fresh fruit and vegetable juices require little digestion, and are quickly assimilated into your body. Most of the 10% of bodily energy normally involved in your assimilation, digestion, and elimination is freed up. The end result? You feel a sense of renewed energy after the fast.

6. A fast helps to also break down toxic materials – fat, abnormal cells and tumors-and releases diseased tissues and their cellular products into the circulation for elimination.

7. In addition, new cell growth during fasting is stimulated and accelerated as the required proteins are re-synthesized from decomposed cells. Your serum albumin reading, that is blood-protein level, remains constant and normal throughout your fast, as your body very smartly uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed.

8. Juice fasting is a much gentler process of detoxification as compared to water fasting. For a juice fast, a broad variety of fruits and vegetables should be used in combination and that is necessary to enhance health during the fast. In this manner, the body still gets its daily calories from the easily-digested juices as compared to the more extreme water fast. Thus, the release of toxins from the fat cells in a juice fast is much more gentle and gradual.

Remember… NO EXCUSES! Yes juicing takes some preparation time, yes a juicer costs money, and yes it takes time to actually juice. But my question to you is how bad do you want reach your mental health, weight gain, physical health related goals?

Remember, whether your goal is to lose weight, lessen your stress and anxiety levels, reverse disease… all of these can be handled simply by beginning to juice! The key to getting the most out of juicing is to do it yourself and not to settle for what’s sitting in a shelf somewhere that says fresh juice!

3 Awesome Juicing Recipes For You To Get Started: 

Recipe 1: Vegetable Juice Combo
2 Swiss chard leaves
1/2 beetroot
2 or 3 sprigs of watercress
3 carrots
1 celery stalk
Wash with filtered or distilled water, cut and put in juicer.

Recipe 2: Carrot-Apple Juice
2-3 Green Apples
1 carrot
Fresh basil leaves
Wash with filtered or distilled water, cut and put in juicer.

Recipe 3: Carrot-Vegetable Juice
A handful of dandelion leaves
1 kale leaf
4 carrots
Fresh mint, basil or coriander leaves
Wash with filtered or distilled water, cut and put in juicer.

Time to get juicing!

Comment Below On Your Juicing Journey. I’d Love To Hear What Works For You.

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4 comments on “8 Powerful Reasons To Start Juicing Today

  1. yahoo Nov 4, 2015

    Thankyou for helping out, excellent information.

  2. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I may not be juicing the right way, but I am juicing in “a way”. LOL I recently started using wheatgrass powder, mixing it with water, and taking it back every night before bed. I am doing so to repair my hair, teeth and skin but I did notice something, I have been a lot calmer than normal. I will have to invest in the real thing!