TAGP 34: 7 Signs Your Mental Health Is Improving

October 17, 2016

signs mental health is improving“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”

By this point it’s clear. You’ve gotten to the point of no return (fed up with your mental health condition), you’re inspired and motivated daily, and you’ve made a firm decision to begin learning how to make your mind work FOR you rather than against you.

With all this self development time you’ve been putting in, it’s important to know whether your efforts are paying off or not.

Many People Don’t Consciously Take A Look At Their Results, And See If What They Are Doing Is Working!

So today in episode #34 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to share the 7 clears signs your mental health is improving. The very fact that you are listening to this podcast weekly, putting into action the steps to change your fearful thought patterns deserves a congratulations from me.

You Are The Small Percentage Of People…

The small percentage of people in this world that don’t sit around, take their pills they’ve been prescribed, and wait for change to happen. You deserve a more fulfilling life, and this mental health podcast will give that to you.

In This Weeks Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast You’ll Learn About:

  • The signs you are unaware of that show your mental health is improving
  • The types of people that are contributing to your better mental health
  • How to stay on track even after your personal goals have been reached

Hope you’re gaining a ton of relatable content, and powerful suggestions through The Anxiety Guy Podcast. Please share this episode with other anxiety sufferers. This Helps Me Provide Regular Powerful Content So You Can Begin Turning Your Anxious State Around Quickly. 

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3 comments on “TAGP 34: 7 Signs Your Mental Health Is Improving

  1. mohammed Oct 21, 2016

    hio dennis… as a cbt coach,,, i been diggen my history with anxiety.. i already mentioned my history to therapist as u know medication is only cure and just go out and find hobby thts it .. when i was 16 i would read medical books i dont know why maybe curiosity,, and my father was v obsessive , dont eat tht wear heavy cloth even my mom dont go out alone ,, breif they were both overprotevtive,, so i started to read medical books about diseases oh my god i dont know why big mistake ,, and later i started to hear people talking about someone had chest pain then vomit they he died of heart attack or some one felt dizzy ,,was sudden drop in suger or pressure .. later i started to have the same symptomes i was freaked out i kept going to doctors i was fine.. i bought suger test device and bolld pressure kept checking from time to time v big mistake i know. but i never had panic attacks or any any anxiety physical symtoms.. but after years i started to have tight chest shortness of breath i checked everything was fine , tht tight chest never gone away gor yeard and i never was convinced until one day at night while sleeping i started to suffocated i ws going to die the i burst in tears i cryed i develped depression for months untill i took medicne prozac and lexotanile for 4 years the side effects occured i stopped ,, later for 10 year nothing happend even tigh chest left me but in 2010 i got panic attack.. any wy my root was my big mistake reading medical books and apply every symptoms i felt on my self,, i think niw its matter of subconsoius.. in tht case iknkw its take time but maybe u can show me away to reprogrme my subconsious mind ,, finding hobby or focusing outward is temporary but it wont cure the main problem ,, i programed my mind on fear of diseases by reading books .. now every single symptomes automaitcly i get scared then u know adrenaline fear the cycle,, i know medication is never the cure it will make u sleep only and many side effects in my case as cbt coatch wht is the bst to me thx

  2. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    Someone once told me the key to getting over and moving passed anxiety is to always embrace life and continue to do new things. When you open yourself to new things, your mind stays active in a good way. When you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it gets bored and lazy and thus focuses on the bad stuff.