Stopping Anxiety Naturally, Reasons Before Strategy (Video)

October 30, 2014

Hi everyone!

I made this video below a few days ago and wanted to share it with you here today. As I mention in the video, I want to send my gratitude to everyone who believes in The Anxiety Guy Facebook. I can’t express the love I feel for everyone who has sent me emails, as well as commented on Facebook to keep the site going so thank you. Let’s get to the topic for today:


Stopping Anxiety Naturally, Reasons Before Strategy


Let me ask you something, have you ever got really excited to start a program of some sort to improve your health, but gave up on following through with it just weeks maybe even days into it? The reason for this is simple but one that many people don’t take the time to commit to, in order to achieve their goals. But before I tell you more on why you find it hard to commit to a proven strategy to reach your goals, let’s first understand why you HAVE reached your goals in other aspects of your life.

Was it that the strategy was simply better? Maybe you were met with the resources you needed more often to accomplish that goal?

False And False

The reason people can’t stay on track with a strategy to accomplish a personal goal they have for themselves, is because they simply don’t prep themselves with the right emotions. We live in a lazy world, let’s just admit that right here and now. Everyone is coming up with the next big idea on how s a society we can become more lazy, and have things done for us without putting in much effort. The same can be said about dealing with anxiety.

We search the net, we order pills, miracle techniques etc, all with the idea in our minds that either I find a quick cure to my anxiety, or I label it as ‘didn’t work for me.’ The truth is, there are many fantastic ways to stop an anxiety disorder naturally, but before you can embark on those paths you must do two things:

1) Make a decision and set a goal. In Napoleon Hill’s book Think And Grow Rich, Hill introduces a fantastic idea. That idea was the idea of a goal card. In the card he asks you to write down your goal in this case how much money you would like to earn, a quote that puts you in the position of already having to receive that goal, the date of WHEN you will accomplish the goal, and finally how you expect to meet that goal as far as a daily strategy. This is a great idea that we must implement towards stopping anxiety naturally as well. Simply because it gets to the root of your anxiety issues, and keeps you looking forward rather than on your past failures. This step goes hand in hand with #2 which is:

2) The main reasons for why you are on the road to stopping anxiety naturally. Is your relationship with your significant other going to be magical? Will you be able to sleep better at night? Will you be able to finally visit Rome and experience all the sights and sounds you’ve always dreamed of? When I set on a path to throwing all my anxiety medications, antidepressants etc in the trash, and overcome my anxiety disorder naturally, I came up with as many reasons for why I must accomplish this for myself.

I carried these reasons around with me in a few cards in my wallet all day, and some of them were simple pictures of my son and fiancée.


“When you begin your path to stopping anxiety naturally, think of how you will, be benefitting the ones you love in your life.”


Everytime you feel like throwing in the towel and diving into your bottle of anti anxiety medications, your reasons can and will show you different direction you can take in that moment. Take your time with this exercise also, don’t stop writing all the reasons for how your life will improve once you’ve taken control of your fears and anxieties. Well that description of the video took a little longer then I expected, let’s get to it now and don’t forget to share your comments and experiences in the section below the video

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2 comments on “Stopping Anxiety Naturally, Reasons Before Strategy (Video)

  1. Great vid Dennis.

    Question regarding the natural way, in the case of vitamins, is it better to start with a multivitamin, or a B complex one?

    I saw the vid on this, but i am wondering if you changed your idea on this, and if you could list here a few of your recommended vitamins by brand name

    Might be a good idea to have a page here dedicated to your recommendations for products.

    • Thank you Nick I will look into this idea further. In my experience with anxiety as well as what has and hasn’t worked for others, a combination of a good b complex, a good adrenal, a known adrenal formula such as ortho adapt, ashwagandha or kava kava, and the usual anxiety fighting diet is a great starter pack. Along with this CBT from someone who has themselves dealt with anxiety disorders is a winning combination.