TAGP 137: The 1 Superfood For Mental Health That You Must Add To Your Diet

September 17, 2018

“A Superfood For Mental Health That Gets Traced Back To Powerful Civilizations.”

Science has backed this superfood as one of the leading components to amazing physical health. Recently though the word is also out on the incredible benefits of this superfood for mental health as well. The biggest problem though is that in today’s world we’re constantly in a state of ‘grab and go,’ meaning we’re not even conscious about what we’re eating.

best superfood for mental health

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Every bite of food you consume is either helping or hurting your mental health

It’s called the second brain for a reason. Your gut health is largely responsible (90% in fact) for making serotonin, which is your feel good neurotransmitter. If we only looked to our dietary choices a little closer we’d realize why we feel so ‘out of it’ and foggy most of the time. It’s because we’re treating our stomachs like a garbage can, rarely taking the time to even cook our own food these days.

This superfood for mental health can increase your cognitive abilities and better your memory as well

Two large problems for people suffering from anxiety in today’s world. Thoughts don’t seem to flow in a pleasant manner, and our short and long term memory seems to evade us. A life with anxiety comes with many uphill challenges and at the top of those challenges are the neurological ones.

The reduced cognitive functions within an anxiety sufferers life, can make them feel like they’re developing some kind of long term problem, like dementia. The truth is that this superfood has active compounds that strengthen antioxidant defences. It also regulates certain neurotransmitters to strengthen and improve memory

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be showing you:

  • How this one superfood for mental health could be a perfect sidekick to a proven CBT based program
  • How to eat this superfood for best results
  • What studies are sharing about this superfood and its effects on your physical and mental health

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4 comments on “TAGP 137: The 1 Superfood For Mental Health That You Must Add To Your Diet

  1. Martina Bozorgnia Sep 18, 2018

    Put garlic in pieces with coconut oil and you barely feel the taste of it… and your mouth doesn’t smell either:)))

  2. I made a very hot spicy curry That I dont normally like but I was very hungry, I sweated like mad if felt strange but the next day Zero Anxiety with increased confidence and calmness. I think it helped my sinuses. Anyway I love Garlic great podcast.