TAGP 80: My Incredible Third Eye Awakening (Pineal Gland Activation)

September 4, 2017

my third eye awakening experience and anxiety recovery“Life Is Filled With Illusion Pretending To Be The Truth.”

The deepest most spiritual Anxiety Guy Podcast episode yet. For the first time I want to reveal exactly what sort of experiences took place during my anxiety recovery which led to my third eye awakening. Many people don’t know what the the third eye is, or what use the pineal gland may be to their lives.

It’s best to understand the third eye as the eye of knowledge and wisdom. A sense of moving from dulness, illusion, to the divine and the light. I can also explain my third eye awakening experience as a discovery within my higher intelligence and intuition. The power is great, and for the first time ever a third eye awakening experience will be connected to an anxiety recovery process.

Let’s Understand This Third Eye Awakening, And Spirituality A Little Better

“When You Are Evolving To Your Higher Self The Road Seems Lonely. But You Are Simply Shedding Energies That No Longer Match The Frequency Of Your Destiny.”

Everyone has a third eye, but not everyone knows it, understands it, or is capable of opening it. The outside forces in the environment and certain products that I’ll be talking about in this episode hinder our potentials and stop us from accessing our higher intelligence.

Awareness Is Key

99% of people live by picking up the crumbs on the tables left over by the higher powers to be. Our standards have lowered, and with it our drive towards understanding. This episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast will change everything for you. Get ready to connect with a higher intelligence, one that is waiting for you to tap into and reach your full potentials.

In This Powerful Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I Reveal:

  • The exact moments I experienced a third eye awakening experience and what happened
  • Why most people will never truly ever see
  • How to begin tapping into a third eye awakening experience and activating your pineal gland

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7 comments on “TAGP 80: My Incredible Third Eye Awakening (Pineal Gland Activation)

  1. mohanned Sep 4, 2017

    hi dennis again….2 years ago i went to yoga for one month and i told u before my anxiety started to get v worse and they opened my third eye ..i started to meditate when i close my eyes i see voilet color and sometimes green.. thry told me i opened my 3 eye. but fear more panicly i became and more aware of my body and every sensation… i heard later sometime opening 3 eye can work against in some poeple so tht why the opposite happend i dont know why.. by the way dennis i bought u programe today and vv excited i hope i will learn from u and be usefull… im v optimistic bcz wht i i realized fron reading few pages u anxiety i think was vvvv high than mine and u overcome it .. so if u realy did it .. with gods help i will and all sufferes if it gods well .. thx v much ill be readig and listing to u programe in deep thx

    • Looking forward to your progress through the program my friend.

      • mohanned Sep 7, 2017

        thx dennis… as i told u im reading u programe .. and i went to therapist 2 days ago she applies a method called emdr have u heard of it.. she said my root problem is my mom.. she did tht technique my symptomes started to become vv worse shiot of breath sweating raving heart extra…later my symptoms started to fade but after 6 hours it went back stromger . and in morning i had panic attack i got realy scared this time .. i dont know ..i was looking at u podcast ..can symptoms of anxirty kill u . was vv good ..i asked the therapist about all methods i know dr claire weeks she said it can work with some people and some people will not work.. so wht the emdr method is it effective.. i become relife for short time then worse .. can u enlight me thcx

        • 1 person’s opinions is just 1 person’s opinion. No matter the method you’ll have to stick to it for 3 months to see lasting changes in your life. Acceptance, floating, what Claire Weekes presents will work for anyone who is ready for change, willing to go through feelings of discomfort, because in time it will bring a heightened person to neutral.

          • mohanned Sep 8, 2017

            yes dennis ..im doing this methode dr weeks dont worry its the only way i kniw .. may e untill now im not 100 percent accepting and still think tht there is something wrong with me ot doctors missed something.. i said beside dr weekd and i will try tht emdr thechnque then i will see u.. it cost alot of money every session ..but at least its the final thing i will do it to convince my self amd i will stick with dr weeks and with u programe of caurse dennis ..thx vv much dennis bless u

          • Dara Champion Feb 8, 2019

            Hey man, I’ve gone through similar experiences. I’ve had panic attacks so bad that I could only see black and thought I was dying because my brain was collapsing in on itself. Of course it was not! Thank god! The third eye has nothing to do with panic attacks so you dont have to worry about that. The 3rd eye is just a receptor of light that is one of the seven endocrine glands. It can be spiritual if you want it to be but the third eye itself will not dictate panic attacks. I had them before the 3rd eye and still get them afterwards. Just know that it gets better man! I promise! God would not make you deal with these attacks if he didnt know that you were extremely strong and meant to conquer them. Good luck on your journey my friend. You are close to the top of the mountain. Literally! I wont give up if you don’t

          • Grateful for your share. 🙏❤️🙏❤️