TAGP 59: 5 Inspirational Quotes For Health Anxiety Sufferers

April 10, 2017

inspirational quotes for health anxiety“Don’t Believe Everything You Think.” 

Inspirational quotes can give people a great boost toward creating the life they want. These inspiring quotes are meant for people with anxious, over-worrying minds. With consistent action based around these inspiring quotes you’ll find that progress starts to take place in your life, and stress levels start to lessen.

As far as my own recovery over health anxiety quotes and powerful words in my environment was very important. Waking up to an inspiring few words that reminded me of the Warrior identity I wanted to live out was important for my recovery from health anxiety.

This sort of approach kept me far away from acting the victim towards myself, and helped with the hopeless thinking cycle that constantly followed me around.

“Inspirational Quotes Can Change A Health Anxiety Sufferers Entire Outlook On Themselves And Life”

As you dive into these 5 inspirational quotes for health anxiety sufferers you’ll want to keep in mind that action will be the greatest decider. The decider as far as what direction your life goes. So use these 5 great inspirational quotes to move your life forward and take daily action over health anxiety and any lingering fears and worries about everyday life.

REMINDER: We understand that most of you were waiting for the Bif naked epiosode this week. Unfortunately due to the recording quality we had to find a new future time for an interview with Bif. Stay tuned for that interview coming this June. 

What You’ll Be Gaining For This Inspirational Podcast Episode:

  • Drive to becoming the greatest version of yourself
  • Relatable  stories for health anxiety sufferers
  • The key to staying commited towards your goals over anxiety

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6 comments on “TAGP 59: 5 Inspirational Quotes For Health Anxiety Sufferers

  1. mohamed Apr 11, 2017

    hi dennis yes great podcast.. short by alot of meaning…yes my problem with thoughts comes automaticlly during sleep most and without noticing i flow with them in seconds .and constant physical symptoms starts in one second.. problem as i said on u prevoius podcasrs we are sensitized . so our body swiftlu get affected ..second persistent negative thoughts some times it can replaced on daylight but night when it comes it cause insomnai like it happens to me..i used have gitfriend she has realy changed my life but she just left me bcz of my anxiety .. she always telling me im complicated shr never new i have anxiety ..she was taking things v easliy but her problem was when she gets upset she ignores me one day or 3 days as she said to make things calm down but bvz i have anxiety i was v upset of tht bcz igonring makes my anxiety gets worse..maybe shes right i dont knoe. but now when she left me i feel more anxiety more physical and 24 hours symptoms and persistent thoughts.. my friend told me to take medicine for short time to get over it .. i said no .. let me face anxiety it will makr me stronger bettre than pill.. i dont want yo ruin 3 years of cbt witu u dennis xnd taking advantage of u podcasts bcz it done alot of changes in my life ..

    • Relationships can be tricky with someone with anxiety. I’m sure the future holds great things for you my friend.

      • mohamed Apr 11, 2017

        yes thanks dennis .importent thing i revover ..and take advantage of that ordeal to make me stronger..my body feel completly exhuasted now but its experince to make me stronger

  2. Rachael Mills Apr 15, 2017

    These are really nice inspirational quotes for health anxiety sufferers, I especially love the ones “I become what I think about all day” and “the body is a reflection if what is thought in the brain”.

  3. Recently I began suffering from health anxiety pretty severely. I’m still trying to understand it so I can help myself the best I can. This podcast has helped me immensely. Especially the part about imagination, and also explaining that these feelings I have aren’t just coming out of nowhere.