TAGP 58: Anxiety Success Story – Inspirational Interview With Holly

April 3, 2017

anxiety success story“Every Anxiety Success Story Gives Others The Permission To Follow A Similar Path.”

This week on The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’m thrilled to interview Holly Wendling, a person who will touch the hearts of many. Her anxiety success story is far from a straight road, but certainly one that will inspire many others. Holly shares her struggles dealing with her needs to be accepted in her life by others, and how she defied all her fears.

These interviews are very important for others because it pin-points the exact moments of when change starts to happen for an anxiety sufferer. In Holly’s case you’ll find that she had the fire within her all along. A few new skill sets learned through the 1 on 1 sessions with me, preperation in the face of daily anxiety, and the commitment to follow through all gave Holly her life back after 47 years.

“One Anxiety Success Story Can Give The Green Light To Others To Do The Same.”

As you’ll hear in episode #58 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast Holly was able to use anger to fuel her anxiety recovery. She knew that if she could connect enough pain to her current circumstance, and pleasure to her life after anxiety, she could create the fuel to desensitize herself from her fears. best anxiety success story

As an inspirational member of The Anxiety Guy Facebook page, Holly is now spreading her message of self love with others. A truly great human being that just now is able to see her true life’s potential. This can most certainly be you. It’s time to see how Holly’s story relates to yours, and how she was able to find her freedom.

In Episode #58 we’re diving deep into:

  • The most important reminder for Holly to turn fear into freedom
  • Why it took her so many years before she was able finally able to ask for help
  • What her future plans are for life after anxiety

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