TAGP 60: Top 5 Habits Health Anxiety Sufferers Must Replace

April 17, 2017

health anxiety sufferers“Health Anxiety Is Kept Alive Due To The Fear Of Losing Control Of Our Minds, Bodies, Or Both.”

Health anxiety sufferers consistently play out similar patterns in their day to day lives, with many of those people hoping for a different result. As painful as this challenge is we must get to the point of understanding that replacements of those patterns is crucial.

The Amygdala (the part of our brains responsible for the fear response) must be guided and trained. When the amygdala no longer believes that a perceived threat is in fact near, our symptoms of anxiety lessen and eventually don’t appear at all.

“The key for health anxiety sufferers to re-train their amygdala’s is by putting themselves in situations that they fear.”

The top 5 habits that health anxiety sufferers go though on a daily basis can be replaced. As noted in previous anxiety guy podcasts; The fastest way to overcoming fear based thoughts and behaviors is by replacing them with new ones.

This is why this episode fills me with great joy. To once and for all help health anxiety sufferers replace the habits that keep their sensitivity to fear alive.

The top 5 habits in this podcast episode are the result of working with over 3000 people worldwide. Understanding their thought patterns, beliefs and actions on a daily basis. It was revealed to me that these were the most consistent habits. The replacements are some of the new rituals I use to help health anxiety sufferers in my personal 1 on 1 Skype sessions as well.

In episode #60 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll get in depth answers into:

  • What causes health anxiety sufferers to choose these top 5 habits
  • How to easily replace them with habits that will break the anxiety patterns
  • The most common times of the day for these anxious habits

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5 comments on “TAGP 60: Top 5 Habits Health Anxiety Sufferers Must Replace

  1. mohamed Apr 17, 2017

    this time dennis u realy hit a nail… its like your sitting with me.. all 5 habites i still doing it .
    now its time to get rid of it..in 3 months ill do it..as u said.. actually yesterday i was having pain im my back of my head.. i had eaten salty food i knew it was bcz tht food i should have igonre it i have n9 history of high bp.. but i checked it was high. i went to hospital was lhigh also but i was high bcz i was tense.. i should have replace tht thought it was temporary bcz salty food but i said there must have been something with me .i stressd my self .docotor said u had no high bp .. just go home and relax…yrs dennis those habits shouls be replaced and immeddtly ..if i want to live a normal life .. i wanr to live normal and im willing to do it .. in 3 months in maxiumum time . time to change tht .. im fed yp . thx for this podcast realy it will be agreat impact in my life

  2. mohamed Apr 21, 2017

    hi dennis i have 2 questions…first ..can keep saying the same subject over and over increase anxiety symptoms.. like i broke up with my gf ..so my anxiety is getting worse.. whenever i tell my friends about my story i feel my symptoms getting worse even more symptoms occur ..like chest pain palpetation dizzy .. jelly legs feel faint….second question .. since i started having an affair my anxiety starts to decrease felt comfortable.. but when i broke up .. my fear starts to grow ..i used to travel . now avoidence has started with me .. fear of death or faint or lose control has gotten worse .. is it related to my broke up.. wht do u recomernd… relaxatiin or sleep more or doing some working out or breathing i dont know wht to do.. some friends advise me to have another affair with a lady to forget .. i dont know ..problem is my phydical symptims now and thoughts while sleep thinking about tht lady tht i broke up .. so wht would u recommrnd thx

  3. Rebecca Dec 2, 2018

    Anxiety is causing me to suffer from air hunger. The second something goes wrong I can’t get air into my lungs.