TAGP 159: 5 Greatest Ancient Teachings For Your Anxiety And Mental Health (Shamanism)

December 3, 2018

“Death Is Not The Biggest Fear We Have; Our Biggest Fear Is Taking The Risk To Be Alive And To Express What We Really Are.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

The ancients understood the manifestations of inner conflict, anxiety, and knew the path to freedom. I’m excited to bring you the teachings of the Toltec tribes that will only benefit you in your journey past anxiety, and mental health challenges. These 5 teachings will certainly challenge your willingness to step out of your comfort zones.

Life isn’t meant to be lived in constant fear and doubt. These ancient teachings for your anxiety and mental health will turn your life around

Because fear and doubt don’t allow you to tap into the real you. Your higher self is the person who by-passes critical thinking, sees things at the level they are and not worse than they are. In today’s world of stimulation and chaos, anxieties and concerns, these ancient teachings for your anxiety are needed more than ever.

There is no doubt that the Toltec Warriors were ahead of their time. How were they so clear in their thinking, and how were the shamans able to tap into foresight that helped so many other people? We’ll go through these and other important knowledge related to the ancient teachings for your anxiety and mental health today on the podcast.

I’m not asking you to adopt a new philosophy, religion, or spiritual teaching, I’m asking you to come into this episode with an open mind

Your greatest growth as a person lives in your ability to adopt an open mind towards things you’ve been closed off of. So let’s move together towards understanding and applying the ancient teachings for your anxiety and mental health. Today is a life altering day if we can absorb this knowledge, and relate it to our own lives.

In today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast, we’re learning about:

  • The most important teachings to benefit you against anxiety
  • The ancient words of wisdom that will help you question what you believe now
  • The ancient teachings for your anxiety that will help alter your anxious behaviours starting today

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6 comments on “TAGP 159: 5 Greatest Ancient Teachings For Your Anxiety And Mental Health (Shamanism)

  1. eileen corado Dec 3, 2018

    What glorious teachings. For me. and my life now from this day forward …
    There’s only one thing to say and do,
    I humbly Absorb, integrate, cherish and let these guiding rays of light be my teacher.

    • Such beautiful words and such inspiration. ❤️🙏

      • eileen corado Dec 3, 2018

        Dear Dennis,
        You are also my teacher and mentor. I have posted to you a lot since I found your channel and services. I am not afraid to reach out to again and ask for help again. At 65, what I am learning will NEVER leave me or forsake me now.
        As I am still transitioning into my recovery, today I realized the one word in my life past, present, and future that I believe is at the CORE of my anxiety wireing. . The word is “ betrayal”. It has chipped away at most of my stabilities all my life. Mother, marriages and relationships have all been affected by this word.
        Feeling as deeply to me as being betrayed with a kiss, is a good example. It taught me that people who say they love you .. or even like you, cannot be trusted. The very People that said they loved me, hurt me beyond what I thought could ever be true. Being a sensitive soul, it traumatized me when their behaviors were less than honorable. Nothing physically, no, It went deeper..
        So I have been running in an anxious race along side of life searching to find safety, stability and trust
        Do you believe I can replace betrayal with a new perception? Can I just forgive and release this ball and chain that has gripped and my higher self.? And who can I perceive truly loves me.?
        Your time is valuable. And I thank you for reading my words.

        • A release of the emotional charge within someone, such as betrayal, must come as a result of the unconscious work. I’m a big believer that meditation/visualization can help us tap into the past environments, forgive and get forgiveness, release the words we need to, and move forward. When safety surrounds the people and environments that has caused our core beliefs our current self will flow as it’s meant to.

  2. michelle provard Dec 3, 2018

    Dennis, I truly loved this podcast. I watched this after watching your last facebook live a coupe of times and taking thorough notes. I especially liked the being addicted to suffering part. maybe that’s what I am doing to myself at this moment. I cannot stand how sick I am. question is how to we change our beliefs and habit of suffering.. for example… i feel like i will always be sick and screwed up. how do i change that belief and habit? maybe this is why i am not getting better or seeing any progress in myself as far as my anxiety disorder, depersonalization and benzo withdrawl goes. maybe i don’t need to suffer as bad as i do..