TAGP 160: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Create The Best Anxiety Support Team

December 6, 2018

“The Best Anxiety Support Person Is Someone Who Has Adopted The Willingness To Learn About Your Challenges.”

As a former sufferer of multiple anxiety disorders I understand the fact that we are the only ones that can change our fates. With that said though, it doesn’t hurt to have an anxiety support person, or a team who understands. And not only understands, but to be able to fill you with advice that can keep your progress over anxiety going.

There’s nothing worse than empty advice. Common advice based around ‘learning to relax’ or ‘not worry.’ These are all too common and can make a bad situation worse. Worse because of the frustration an anxiety sufferer experiences by not having their closest people ‘get’ their struggles, and also advice that isn’t practical to use.

The advice one gives to an anxiety sufferer must help them with the way they perceive things, as well as help promote real safety over the situation. Now that’s the best anxiety support you can have.

Also on todays episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be answering an important question on heart palpitations. Concerns over a fast and hard heart beat during exercise routines can cause someone to misinterpret their feelings for something else. This doesn’t mean we brush it off completely (get anything you’re concerned about checked by a physician please), but it does mean we must analyze what’s really taking place around us and within us.

A fast heart beat can mean an improvement in many different bodily systems.

This is where some inner conflict starts to show up for people. ‘Is it serious and should I be concerned, or not!?’ Hopefully I can shed some light to the situation and help everyone out there through a few CBT based ways of dealing with this reaction to anxiety.

Today’s episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show comes with an understanding of:

  • How you can help to create the best anxiety support team for yourself
  • Why heart palpitations occur during the day out of nowhere
  • What you need to do starting today to gain the upper hand over your anxious mind

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2 comments on “TAGP 160: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Create The Best Anxiety Support Team

  1. You have been a blessing. I have suffered with health anxiety all my life. Just recently I’ve experience the worst. It has gone on daily for 2 months. Been to my doctor numerous times, ER. They have run blood tests, EKG, pushed on my stomach, nothing there. Yet I have convinced myself I’ve had cancer of the stomach, pancreas, I’m like you were, google every symptom. I’ve lost my appetite, weight. My doctor isn’t concerned, because I really need to lose weight anyway. I have anxiety attacks. I’m on a low dose of Prozac, seems to help. Do people lose weight and appetite with health anxiety? I’m in my 60’s, first time it has gone on this long with weight loss. I love your videos, they are helping me, just to know there are others who suffer!

    • From people I’ve worked with through the program weight fluctuations are common with sensitivity yes. One day at a time, much love Rita.