What It ACTUALLY Feels Like To Live With An Anxiety Disorder

February 3, 2018

“Living With An Anxiety Disorder Is Nothing Short Of An Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride.”

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common emotional and mental problems afflicting millions of people across the world. In the US, nearly 40 million 18+ year old adults are affected by some kind of anxiety disorder. High functioning anxiety disorder is not a clinical diagnosis in itself. It just refers to anxiety sufferers who despite their daily struggles with the disorder tend to do quite well in relationships, work, and family life.

High functioning anxiety disorder sufferers tend to be in control, busy, perfectionists, and high-achievers.

They typically find their drive through order and details, which inherently are ways to try and calm down numerous worries, racy thoughts, and inescapable fear which has a perennial hold over their body and mind. Such anxiety sufferers can be described as ‘over thinkers’ with an inclination towards dwelling, perseverance, and rumination on varied facets of life.

Even though high functioning anxiety sufferers desire to eliminate or temporarily stop all associated abnormal symptoms, they are unable to do so. The usual everyday cycle of thoughts turning into unnecessary worries and those worries then consuming their thoughts, often leads to a continuous state of turmoil towards the near and far future events.

It’s important to note that high functioning anxiety sufferers often hide the mayhem within them with laughs, smiles, achievements, success, and some amount of extrovert activity. The nervous fervent energy triggered by anxiety incongruously allows the sufferers to keep on moving and drives them to accomplish more, be better, and thrive!

High achieving anxiety disorder sufferers: Signs and Symptoms

High achieving anxiety disorder sufferers may seem to be normal outwardly. They actively carry out the everyday tasks, seem to be in control of all things, and exude confidence. However, beneath this normal exterior, they are constantly fighting to make it through each day.

The world-view of people with anxiety disorders is very different from others. For example, people with generalized anxiety disorder typically suffer from high levels of worry and anxiety and expect the worst even in the absence of any real cause for distress.

The mind never ceases to work which results in constant exhaustion of the mind and body. The extreme worrying about outcomes and the constant battle through thoughts about what may go wrong takes up a lot of energy, leaving the anxiety sufferer in a drained state.

The constant vicious cycle of over thinking, stress, and perception of worst possible outcomes may worsen when normal people think that such abnormal feelings and ways of thinking are emotional, illogical, crazy, and irrational.

It is not easy to explain what an anxiety sufferer is going through on a daily basis, particularly to those who don’t suffer from any anxiety disorder. Even high functioning anxiety sufferers do not feel that others can comprehend their experience.

It is important to remember that anxiety disorders can be treated and managed efficiently through NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, coping strategies, yoga, acupuncture, and mindfulness. As long as the energetic, mental, and physical components are at work, positive change for anyone is inevitable.

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