TAGP 189: 5 Biggest Reasons For Your Anxiety Setbacks

May 27, 2019

“Anxiety Setbacks Can Crush A Warriors Spirit Completely.”

When anxiety setbacks occur they can leave a person frustrated and completely confused as to why. Why is it that after putting in the effort to heal from an anxiety disorder, and having experienced many great days in a row, the worst anxiety storm appears out of nowhere. There’s a very good explanation to these setbacks and they all come in the form of what I like to call… distraction.

Distraction can show up consciously and unconsciously, and can make a person feel like their back at square on in the anxiety healing journey

Distraction is what the brain loves to do. It loves distracting you from the positive changes you’re trying to make, and pull you back into the subconscious programs of self punishment. Simply because your brain believes that whatever was conditioned in first and for the longest period, should be who you are and the way you should live your life. But if we can understand at a deeper level what forms this distraction can show up in, we can be ready for it and deal with it until they don’t show up anymore.

You never start back at square one, remember that!

No matter how bad your anxiety setbacks get, the progress you’ve made hasn’t gone to waste. This is because the subconscious mind records all of your past experiences whether they are the good kinds or the bad. It just needs further consistency in the face of resistance, and as the small daily wins over fear show up so will the new you more automatically and effortlessly.

In today’s important episode of the anxiety guy podcast, here’s where we’re going:

  • I’ll show you exactly why anxiety setbacks occur
  • I’ll show you why it’s possible to think and feel completely differently
  • I’ll remind you why you deserve this change for good

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8 comments on “TAGP 189: 5 Biggest Reasons For Your Anxiety Setbacks

  1. Karen May 28, 2019

    That was awesome 👏

  2. Debbie cockman May 30, 2019

    Dennis…. I’m debbie and I’m 62 and suffer with anxiety/depression. A week ago, went to er in ambulance…. real dizzy and nausea. Was diagnosed with incomplete rbbb, which I’ve had and was never told. Docs not too concerned. Now, I think I’m dying constantly! Help

    • Debbie, I’m a big believer in structure in these types of cases around cognitive, behavioural , and imaginative skill sets. Randomly doing this and that for the sensitivity won’t get you far and only keep you stuck going in and out of the anxiety loop. My programs on this site will help. ❤️

  3. Debbie Cockman May 30, 2019

    Please help me Dennis! My health anxiety is back, after I was finally better. I was at er 2 weeks ago for dizziness. Tests were fine, except doc said I had rbbb, which I’ve had 5 years before and cardiologist didn’t tell me. Evidently it’s common. But now…. it’s ruling my life. I’m tired of this. Feel like I’m losing it!!