Anxiety Test Online: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Today

March 2, 2017

*This Anxiety Test Online Is Meant To Give You Direction And Shouldn’t Be The Determining Factor Of Whether You Suffer From GAD Or Not*

Anxiety is typically caused due to unhealthy or abnormal worries, thought patterns, and increased stress.

Most doctors make use of the criteria categorized in the DSM-5/the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for diagnosis of mental disorders. The DSM-5 manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association. Insurance companies also make use of the DSM-5 for reimbursement of treatment for mental conditions.

The criteria for diagnosis of anxiety (GAD/ generalized anxiety disorder) as per the DSM-5 are listed below:

  • Problems in controlling or managing the constant worrying and associated feelings
  • Increased worry and anxiety about many activities and events for most days in a week for a minimum of 6 months
  • Worry or anxiety adversely affecting the daily routine and/or causes considerable stress or discomfort

Adults should experience at least 3 of the symptoms like fatigue, restlessness, concentration problems, muscle tension, irritability, or sleeping trouble. Affected children should suffer from any one of the above symptoms for diagnosis.

The anxiety should not be linked to an underlying physical disease or to other mental disorders like PTSD, panic attacks, or substance abuse.

On the basis of the above criteria, individuals can create an anxiety test online that will help to inform you further on what you’re going through (visit your doctor for diagnosis). Listed below are 5 questions that you can ask yourself to see if you have anxiety:

Note: Each of the 5 questions and sub-choices need to be answered as “Usually, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, or Never.” A higher score is a positive diagnosis for anxiety.

Question 1 of Anxiety Test Online: Am I experiencing unfamiliar physical symptoms like:

Pounding heart
Chest discomfort or pain
Breathlessness/Shortness of breath
Abdominal discomfort or nausea

Question 2 of Anxiety Test Online: Am I experiencing abnormal body movements and/or sensations like:

Shaking or trembling
Tingling sensations or Numbness
Hot flashes or chills
Feeling wobbly or shaky
Trembling feet or hands

Question 3 of Anxiety Test Online: Am I experiencing symptoms of unnecessary and persistent worrying like:

Fear of going crazy or losing control
Feeling of choking
Inability to calm down or relax
Persistent or continuous worry

Question 4 of Anxiety Test Online: Am I experiencing abnormal mental symptoms like:

Feeling constant dizziness (if so watch this video)
Feeling faint or lightheaded
Irritability or sleeping problems

Question 5 of Anxiety Test Online: Do I persistently have abnormal behavior or thoughts like:

Scared or afraid
Fear of dying
Feeling or sensations of being unreal
Avoid situations/places due of anxiety

It may be noted that the above Anxiety test online is just a screening measure to assist people in ascertaining the presence of an underlying anxiety disorder. If the score of the above online anxiety test is high, it’s best to get a check-up from your local professional. Beginning a CBT based program will help overcome your current emotions distress.

This Video Will Help As An Information Anxiety Test Online As Well

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4 comments on “Anxiety Test Online: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Today

  1. Personally, the article is as a general rule the most magnificent on that valuable subject. I concur with your decisions and will hungrily anticipate your coming updates.

  2. Kenny Mar 17, 2017

    Appreciate the quiz to help figure out if this is an issue I’m suffering from and need to address. How would you suggest finding a professional to help who can be trusted? I looked locally but I’m also not so comfortable leaving my house. Are there online help options that can actually work?

    • Research. Find someone who’s experienced what you have because that’s half the battle and goes a long way with creating great rapport. My 1 on 1 online plate as far as working with people mainly stays in the health anxiety and GAD lanes. I have a CBT focused approach with a touch of self hypnosis bought in by NLP, any question let me know in the contact section.