3 Excellent Ways To Ease Kids Anxiety

February 24, 2017

Kids Anxiety Is Quite Natural…

It must however be noted that anxiety is different from fear. A child may experience fear when near a very big dog; but a child who does not leave the house because of the thought of encountering a large dog may be suffering from anxiety.

The best way to check for kids anxiety is to look for symptoms of anxiety in children, i.e., fainting, perspiration, sensations of choking, etc. In case such signs are visible then parents need to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Treatment for kids anxiety typically involves medications and psychotherapy.
Parents may also opt for the below listed 3 ways to ease anxiety in kids:

1. Art/Drawing therapy

This involves allowing children to draw and make their own art. It will not only help soothe their nerves but can also be useful to doctors for interpretation of the state of mind of the kids.

Children may not want to communicate or may not be able to communicate effectively about their fears or things that cause anxiety. Such feelings can however be easily communicated when they engage in art. The sensations and experience of drawing invokes a feeling of calmness and thus helps ease kids anxiety.

Parents should take care and maintain their focus on the process of their kids drawing or painting, rather than what they eventually end up painting. You may also seek the assistance of qualified art therapists in this regard.

2. Breathing exercises/Yoga:

It consists of slow and gentle breathing and body movements with attentiveness and focus.
Perform these exercises when the child is not experiencing anxiety rather than when he/she is going through an episode. It will be very difficult to get a kid to do yoga when he/she is experiencing an episode.

Breathing exercises and yoga involves using the belly to breathe which causes expansion of the diaphragm as well as fills up the lungs with air/oxygen. This triggers reduction in blood pressure, slowing down of the heart rate, and activation of a relaxed state of body and mind through the parasympathetic nervous system. Kids anxiety will subsequently ease and bring about soothing comfort and calm.

3. Deep Pressure Therapy

Application of gentle pressure on the body causes rapid release of anxiety and brings about a sense of greater joy and calm. You may use a piece of pressure clothing and apply firm but mild pressure on different parts of the body. You may also try rolling the kid in a soft blanket and kind of swaddle her/him. Hugging your child can also help alleviate kids anxiety.

Additional information
Remember these pointers when trying to ease kids anxiety:

  • Goal is helping child manage anxiety rather than elimination of anxiety
  • Keep the expectations of child positive but realistic
  • Don’t evade things that cause kids anxiety
  • Respect but don’t empower unwarranted feelings of kids
  • Don’t reinforce/support the fears of kids
  • Avoid leading questions
  • Persuade kids to endure their anxiety
  • Think and talk different things through with your kid
  • Ensure that the anticipatory time is kept short
  • Find healthy models of overcoming kids anxiety

How Do You Deal With Your Kids Anxiety? Share Your Experiences In The Comment Section Below!

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7 comments on “3 Excellent Ways To Ease Kids Anxiety

  1. why does hugging your kid alleviate some anxiety? doesn’t spanking alleviate some of parental anxiety?

  2. Gemma Mar 4, 2017

    Thanks for the great tips and enlightenment. Often times parents mistake anxiety to mean fears at all times, and if a child is allow to grow with that it may turn to be something else in future. At least, this well help parents to take proactive measures against kids anxiety. Thanks.

  3. Ricki Mar 17, 2017

    Art has been super helpful for my son in calming his anxiety. I will definitely try the other two suggestions you’ve got here.

    How would deep pressure therapy work for a teenager? I’m wondering how to apply that, other than lots of hugs (of course). 🙂

  4. Alice Mar 17, 2017

    Found your article while searching for ways to help kids with anxiety. My nephew is autistic and suffers from lots of anxiety. I think art would be perfect for him.