The Anxiety Test You Can’t Afford To Skip

April 9, 2015

Have you ever had that moment when you wake up in the morning with new vigor, and zest for life, only to realize how temporary that feeling really is? Quickly your memory kicks in as you make your way from the bed to your closet, and by the time you get in the shower, fear has again… taken over.

The confusion, the agony, and the frustration all kick in almost simultaneously as you look at the day ahead. Your inner walls go up, your to-do list that you were too tired to write and instead tried to memorize is all hazy, and the traffic sucks again!

Many people go through life not recognizing what it is they are actually dealing with. Is this just a normal cycle of fear that everyone else goes through? Is this mild stress or maybe generalized anxiety disorder? Does this kind of feeling lead to panic attacks? What is a panic attack?

Welcome To The Incredibly Confusing World Of Mental Health

You shouldn’t be alarmed that I’ve mentioned the words mental health. I believe that the problem exists at a level it does today BECAUSE of the fact we don’t talk about it enough.

Today is your lucky day though. I want to help you get just a little closer to finding the holy grail. That means recognizing what it is you are actually going through in your inner world of turmoil, and leading you to personal achievement.

I simply want you to take 2 to 3 minutes (15 questions) of your time to answer the important anxiety test questions that are below. This anxiety test is a preliminary questionnaire, and will help you paint a clearer picture of how your stress and anxiety have been affecting you lately. In the end don’t forget to tally up your yes or no scores out of 15.

Let’s get started with the anxiety test:

Anxiety Test Question #1 – Have you experienced any excessive level of worry about various aspects of your life lately?

Anxiety Test Question #2 – Do you find yourself feeling overly restless or edgy?

Anxiety Test Question #3 – Lately, do you find yourself much more easily angered or even irritated by different events that would normally be very minimally annoying?

Anxiety Test Question #4 – Even during times you realize the worry is needless, do you still experience anxiousness?

Anxiety test Question #5 – Lately, do you find that concentrating is more difficult?

Anxiety Test Question #6 – Do you use alcohol, amphetamines, or marijuana regularly?

Anxiety Test Question #7 – Do you notice that you are getting much more tired easily, even after activities that aren’t very intense?

Anxiety Test Question #8 – Lately have you experience regular sleep problems such as difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, tossing around in bed, or waking up feeling less than refreshed?

Anxiety Test Question #9 – Have you been getting into more arguments lately with friends and family members?

Anxiety Test Question #10 – Does your excessive worry revolve around any of these categories:

  • Having a physical disease
  • Gaining weight
  • Becoming separated from a loved one
  • Being involved in social activities

Anxiety Test Question #11 – Are you experiencing any one of the following to a level that impairs you from handling regular daily activities:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Sleep difficulty
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble focusing

Anxiety Test Question #12 – Do you feel unable to relax, even when nothing stressful is going on around you?

Anxiety Test Question #13 – Also, have you been noticing feelings of emptiness or sadness along with worry and tension?

Anxiety Test Question #14 – lately have you experienced physical feelings of tension like an upset stomach that is chronic, inability to sit still or agitation?

Anxiety Test Question #15 – Has your worry excess worry stayed consistent for the past 6 months, or even longer?

Now, I hope you’ve been keeping track of your answers so we can identify whether or not you might have symptoms that identify an anxiety disorder (don’t forget to join the conversation, and share your tally in the comment section).

A grand total of 7 or more answers of yes, might just signify an anxiety disorder.

If this is your case it’s important to take action against living with anxiety today, not tomorrow. This is because the longer you wait the longer your patterns get embedded within you. But with that being said, don’t let anyone tell you old patterns can’t be changed, even subconscious ones.

In all honesty you’ll find the anxiety test similar to this one on many websites online. But the main questions you have already answered, and therefore you have a very good idea of what may be standing in your way towards living an anxiety free, fulfilling life.

One thing that I want to warn you of is this:

Hold Back From Cursing God Or The Universe On Why You Struggle With Anxiety!

Reason being, you are a part of the solution going forward. As the anxiety epidemic continues all around us, and the number of people with the condition sky-rockets yearly, we can clearly see that today’s first line of treatments are not working.

That is why you have been given this struggle, and with every struggle comes determination. If you are determined to overcome these inner feelings that may be weighing you down right now, you will overcome them naturally.

With that type of knowledge you will be able to help others, and around we go until the world truly sees that the people who create the real changes in this world, are you and me.

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4 comments on “The Anxiety Test You Can’t Afford To Skip

  1. Nthabiseng Masuku Apr 10, 2015

    I didn’t realise it till now that this is happening again. I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2009 but after leaving my meds and moving in with my now husband things were going so well I feel like I’m going to explode

    • Sorry to hear about your condition. I’m sure the end the anxiety program will create an inner shift for you, and help you live the life you want.

  2. Jerry P. May 18, 2015

    I like this test. Very simple and effect when thinking about how anxiety can take over and rule your life based a few simple things.