TAGP 206: 10 Best Anxiety Tips To Maintain Progress After A Big Win

September 23, 2019

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“To maintain progress over anxiety after a big win against your fears is crucial.”

During a few discussions between the anxiety warriors on The Anxiety Guy support group on Facebook I realized there was a little grey area that needed some attention. That grey area was the confusion that set in after a big win for anxiety. A win could be a mental win such as reversing the trend of thinking catastrophically and instead becoming much more open to other perceptions, emotionally experiencing a situation differently, or acting in defiance of your previous avoidance behaviours.

A win over anxiety must be backed up with the right messages to your nervous system

As you add more and more ticks to the safety column around your perceptions over daily events you change everything. You alter the neural connections in your brain, the feelings in your body, and the images you run in your head. These anxiety tips for maintaining your momentum will be a wake up call for you on your way towards further progress over your emotional distress. In fact, these are some of the same principles I use in my programs.

There can be just as much confusion as there is celebration after a win over anxiety

It’s foreign ground. You haven’t been here in a long time and you need to prepare yourself. As the inner child within you who’s still looking for safety in this world pops its head through your anxiety symptoms, it begins to understand. It understands that what happened to him or her in the past wasn’t their fault, nor was it anyone else’s. Things happened and you were the centre of those things, period. Your past doesn’t have to be a preview of your future.

These are the exact principles I used in my own anxiety recovery. Because if something isn’t commonly brought to my attention as far as what worked in my own life as well as others, it doesn’t make the anxiety guy podcast content. Why waste time on coping strategies when we have healing strategies that consistently work? If one person can take these anxiety tips and maintain recovery for the long term, why not you?

Trust in yourself and these anxiety tips today

Many times people believe that they’re missing that holy grail. That one piece of knowledge or that one technique that will change everything for them. This approach rarely pans out positively. Instead, an anxiety warrior must trust that they already have the healing tools within them to eliminate anxiety for good. There is no magic wand, and there is no perfect method, there is only what you believe will work for you.

All methods to heal anxiety work for different people. 

Why? Is it the method itself or the fact that each anxiety story is different and therefore needs separate guidance? Partially yes, and what goes hand in hand with this is the absorption and commitment rate to the method by the sufferer. A person can placebo their way to healing, should they choose. A rock can be a healing tool, a word, a colour, literally anything. If you put your complete trust in these anxiety tips to maintain your progress, and work them into your daily life you will be free.

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2 comments on “TAGP 206: 10 Best Anxiety Tips To Maintain Progress After A Big Win

  1. The anxiety help I’ve received has been my daily go to source for help through a long difficult period of anxiety. I rely on Denis’s advice as he has guided me through more challenges that I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so very much for your wisdom!