TAGP 207: Reducing Anxiety, To Rest Or To Challenge Yourself?

September 30, 2019

reducing anxiety

Look at your results from an outsiders point of view and you’ll notice whether you’re on the right path or not. I tell this to many warriors who come to me looking for anxiety help. If your results don’t match your expectations you may be over-challenging yourself, or over-resting. Today’s podcast and this short preview post will shed light on this important topic.

Anxiety warriors have a very good understanding of what’s known as exposure therapy. This is where a person either directly (known as flooding) or gradually (known as systematic desensitization) begin facing the things that cause them to feel ‘icky.’ This new action causes a sense of deep sensitivity to the sufferer that places them in direct contact with what they’ve been trying to avoid for so long.

It’s important to approach the goal of reducing anxiety from a broad viewpoint and understand that it’s not just about the behavioral challenges

There are also cognitive challenges where you begin re-shaping the ideas floating in your head, imaginative challenges where you expose yourself to your fears through your minds eye, and verbal challenges where you speak in defiance of your fears. The question isn’t should you stop challenging yourself the question is are you over-challenging yourself?

When looking to heal anxiety long term we also need to take into consideration the rest aspect

Rest is a crucial part of the healing process. We live in the age of information overload. Couple this overload with past emotional traumas that we’ve gone through that are still very much alive within our bodies through repressed emotion and undischarged energy, and you have a recipe for depletion. This depletion can come in the form of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and even religious overload. We all need rest to calm our nervous systems and to bring balance back to our inner worlds. The question is how much is too much rest?

Today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast identifies key pieces of your current life experience that must be looked at deeper. The confusion between more challenges and more rest must come to life in our conscious minds if we’re ever going to alter our emotional states for good. Since anything that’s outside of our awareness is outside of our control.

Rest or further challenges? The inner debate

This could very well set you onto a path of reducing anxiety tremendously. Healing anxiety is a natural process and not a forced one. I learned this as time went on and I continued along the path of my own healing journey. As we find harmony between action and non action we begin gaining deeper insights into us and the world by doing, and not doing. We mustn’t feel guilty about this balance either since it’s necessary for us, and our core beliefs around what they mean mustn’t get in the way of doing what’s right for us.

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