TAGP 205: The Reason Your Results Don’t Match Your Efforts To Heal Anxiety

September 16, 2019


“The missing ingredient to heal anxiety for good.”

Imagine trying to break down a gigantic wall with a tennis racquet. What chance do you really have of breaking it down? Little to none. That’s what it’s like in today’s world of anxiety sufferers looking for a complete transition away from their distress. They have tools that benefit the symptom but not the root cause, they have traumatic memories that haven’t been emotionally resolved, and a high level of discomfort when it comes to uncertainty.

Uncertainty isn’t a bad thing really. Day one at your job was pretty uncertain, walking up to and asking for your wife’s number back in the day was uncertain, and so was taking your kid to his first day of school. You’ve been here before over and over again. So why does it still provide so much discomfort and fear just thinking about it?

To end the struggle with anxiety one must welcome in uncertainty and make friends with it

Your future depends on it. Simply because on your death bed many years from now you don’t want to look back and say ‘I lived a safe life.’ You want to be proud of the challenges you faced, the traumas you courageously re-lived and re-negotiated, and the new identity your attitude took you towards. You are meant to thrive not just survive, remember that.

As we look to heal anxiety and re-ignite your new reality together we must adopt the proper mindset, have the skills (responding), as well as safely and effectively reframe trauma. A person looking for freedom from anxiety must have structure throughout their days and must do as little ‘winging it’ as possible. This means that to say you’ll do a guided meditation session at some point in the day, must be replaced with setting a set time for it.

Change is good, change is life, stop fighting change

To run into roadblock after roadblock during anxiety recovery is to resist against the flow of life. This creates an indifference between the conscious desires and the subconscious beliefs as they both must be aligned for transformation to take place. Prepare yourself for an eye opening episode of the anxiety podcast as we dive deep into these important topics to heal anxiety together.

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