TAGP 197: The Real Reason Why Anxiety Turns Into Depression

July 22, 2019

anxiety turns into depression

“When anxiety turns into depression, bewilderment, frustration, and helplessness can show up.”

Today’s podcast is solely based on human experience that I and others I’ve taught have been a part of. A no holds barred understanding of why anxiety turns into depression, and how to climb out of this state as quickly as possible. You’re certainly not alone if you’re on this journey right now. The light at the end of the tunnel is staring at you right in the face, and it’s time you stared back.

You deserve a life free from worry and victimhood

Deep down within every sufferer of emotional distress though, is a secondary gain. Something that the anxiety disorders provide a person. This is a big reason why the cycle continues, there’s an attachment to thinking, feeling, speaking, and being this way. It becomes habit, it gets adopted by others in your family, and many times the pain of freedom outweighs the pain of distress. It’s backwards I know, but this understanding is key to you healing anxiety.

Anxiety fills a void, and provides a sense of identity. When anxiety gets replaced with depression the void needs re-filling

These disorders are a result of what’s going on unconsciously. Because this is the case we need to understand the communication process and the right mindset towards shifting things at a deeper level. I’m excited to present this episode to you, because I know where you are in your life right now. I’ve been in that mind and body, it’s not who you truly are, but in time this journey will only strengthen your gratitude for your life.

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10 comments on “TAGP 197: The Real Reason Why Anxiety Turns Into Depression

  1. Becky Jul 22, 2019

    This entire podcast is where I once was so I can totally relate <3

  2. Tiffany Jul 22, 2019

    This is a fantastic illustration of the connection between anxiety and depression, and how – for many – it can be not just a spectrum but a very slippery slope. The description of loss of identity in depression, because of the hollowness and resignation, is really excellent and accurate. Loss of self is, in my opinion, an often overlooked symptom of depression. As I mental health professional, I’ve learned to educate people about how depression isn’t just “sadness,” but a flattening of sorts- of one’s world and one’s sense of self. Defining depression as a ‘void’ can feel terrifying, but once again, the speaker frames this as an empowering opportunity to fill the void by regaining one’s sense of self.

  3. While reading this article I found a new concept i.e, how anxiety turns into depression. Till now i don’t know about this problem. It may leads to suicide. Can you suggest any other article to get which instructions we have to take to overcome this disease?

  4. Debbie seymour Jul 25, 2019

    I need help please I can’t get out of this anxiety panics depression I tried lots of things nothing works please help me

  5. I can honestly say that at one point in my life I had anxiety that was turning into depression while I was going to school and working. I was constantly busy and did not have time for myself or my family and friends. I was worried about my grades and my bills and I had anxiety about not having friendships and not being close with my family. The anxiety and depressive thoughts started to get worse during finals and that was when I decided that I needed to talk to someone. After discovering that I needed to set aside time for myself each week and to do something such as yoga or taking walks I started to definitely feel better. So I just wanna say remember to take time for yourself and then anxiety and depression does not rule your life you are in charge