TAGP 198: 3 Perceptual Positions For MASSIVE Progress Over Anxiety

July 29, 2019

massive progress over anxiety

“Change you perceptions and you take back control over your focus.”

Here’s my promise to you, implement what I’m going to be sharing with you in this podcast and you’ll become less fixated on fear. If we dig deep enough we’ll find out that the way we perceive things manifest the emotions we feel. So if you can view a situation from an angle of neutrality, you open yourself up to more options. These options are the opportunities for growth and massive progress over anxiety.

You’ve done it before, and you can do it again!

As much as your mind directs your focus to all that could go wrong, you’ve also been able to direct your mind towards other potential outcomes in the past. Those past successes haven’t been lost. They are retrievable with the vast storage bank of your subconscious mind, and todays anxiety guy episode will show you how to tap back into it.

Why would we continue to put ourselves through pain if we can do something about it? Massive progress over anxiety will come with time, as these perceptual positions become applied into your life more and more.

These 3 perceptual positions are a common NLP (near linguistic programming) practice for anxiety and emotional distress. You’ll find that there is a sudden surprise when you start applying them. Almost like walking into a very unfamiliar place. It’s exciting, it’s adventurous, and it’s nerve-racking (at first). But your ability to make massive progress over anxiety comes with your intention of welcoming the unfamiliar into your life. The attachment to safety is an attachment to fear, the path to heal anxiety can be similar to your first kiss, and that turned out ok in the end didn’t it?

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