TAGP 170: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Avoid Passing Anxiety Onto Your Child

January 14, 2019

“It’s Not All In The Genes As Many Believed Back In The Day. We Now Have A Great Opportunity To Avoid Passing Anxiety Onto Our Children.”

Every anxiety riddled parent has wondered whether they’ll pass their anxious tendencies onto their child, and also how to AVOID passing anxiety onto the child. A few decades ago professionals believed that anxious patterns shown by a child was due to the genes solely, and there wasn’t much to do about it. Through many studies recently we now know this to be false, and that we can effect positive mental and emotional development through a few repeated practices daily.

To Avoid Passing Anxiety Onto Your Child, A Child Must Start Learning How To Take Control Of Their Own Mind

It’s unfortunate though that in todays world it’s easier to give a child an iPad for gameplay, rather than spending time teaching them about their own minds. But the parent can’t teach a child how to become a great life problem solver if they aren’t practicing these teachings themselves. This is why everything comes right back to the parent. In time the child teaches the parent and the parent teaches the child, and there’s no better approach then for anxiety then CBT to make this happen.

Let’s also understand that a certain amount of emotional ups and downs is a part of every child’s life. The problem becomes when a parent tries to control each and every step a child takes and sees mistakes and challenges as bad things. The truth is that they’re learning opportunities, and the child must get into this mindset so that you as a parent avoid passing anxiety onto your child.

In today’s anxiety guy podcast episode we’ll be diving into:

  • What childhood emotional traumas are and how to view them
  • How to begin teaching a child how to think in order for them to solve their own inner challenges
  • The importance of this one nutritional need so that you avoid passing anxiety onto your child

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3 comments on “TAGP 170: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Avoid Passing Anxiety Onto Your Child

  1. Jennythada@yahoo.com Jan 14, 2019

    My 13 year old granddaughter has always been anxiety ridden. Her mother is ocd and has eating disorder. Her dad is a perfectionist and critical of everything. She became so afraid of how she was physically and mentally feeling. Since myself gramma lived with this I am so trying to use your knowledge and program to talk with her if she so wants

    • The program contents will equip you with the knowledge to give the best advice necessary. Sending good vibes her way. ❤️

      • Jenny thada Jan 14, 2019

        Thank you for your caring thoughts. I am on your web site and have your program.