TAGP 169: Why You Should Open Up To Others About Your Anxiety

January 7, 2019

“To Open Up To Others About Your Anxiety Isn’t To Dig Yourself A Bigger Hole, But To Take Advice Based On Experience And To Inspire Others In The Process.”

The stigma on mental health is alive and kicking, we all know that. Thankfully the anxiety recoverers and life coaches that are changing the world today are looking past the status quo and are doing things much different then the ones who continue to suffer. One part of that difference is to open up to others about your anxiety, in a way that helps and not harms.

You’re not looking for a shoulder to lean on. Instead, you’re looking to release repressed energy and connect at a deeper level

The ones who understand your inner challenges will treat you the way you were meant to be treated. That means to understand your transition into a new you, and empathetically give you advice that keeps you on your chosen path. The ones who don’t understand your journey will treat you like you’re sick. Sometimes they’re not to blame for this either, as ignorance and a lack of experience with anxiety can cause this disconnect.

You should open up to others about your anxiety because it’ll show you that you’re priority #1. Pleasing others takes a back seat on this journey towards ending your anxiety. And to be honest, when was the last time you put yourself first anyway? Could that be the main reason you’re here with these challenges? That’s something to ponder right here and right now.

“Nothing will change until you defy your child mind. The one telling you who to be and what not to do.”

In today’s episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll show you:

  • The major benefits when you open up to others about your anxiety
  • The right way to speak to others about your anxiety
  • What will occur during and after your conversations with them

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8 comments on “TAGP 169: Why You Should Open Up To Others About Your Anxiety

  1. Jenny thada Jan 7, 2019

    As I listened to you I felt so engaged. The friends I have carefully opened up to have shown some listening ears. Others will say “oh I would never think that way”. That’s crazy

  2. TruCure CBD Jan 8, 2019

    Anxiety and mental health are widespread but rarely talked about. Many people struggle every day and at best cope with mental health problems. In between living busy lives, many of us feel there is no end to anxiety. Indeed, it’s hard to speak up and get help to resolve anxiety problems. CBD is a natural medicine, and can help you treat the worst symptoms like physical discomfort that occur when one suffers anxiety. In combination with exercise, healthy eating, CBD may be just the thing to deliver relief.

  3. Alyssa Larson Jan 8, 2019

    You really help me each and every day take a step forward and understand myself and my anxiety in a new way. There are a handful of people that I can say have influenced my life in profoundly memorable ways and you are among them. I have worked in mental health and have always been a seeker, but little has penetrated the deep fears I’ve held onto my entire life. The information you share and how you share it gets through and allows me to see light. Thank you for what you do and all you give. I have hope now. Alyssa

    • Warms my heart Alyssa. Thank you for your support and I’m grateful to be able to help you. Forward we go. 🙂

  4. “The ones who understand your inner challenges will treat you the way you were meant to be treated”

    it’s so hard to accept sometimes that the people you love the most are not always the ones who understand our inner fights and struggles…

    anyway, thanks a lot for the interesting podcast!