The Best Health Anxiety Technique You Could Do Today

April 25, 2019

“Health Anxiety Is Not A Life Sentence.”

I know what you’re thinking… Best health anxiety technique? Really? Could it be? Yes and there are a few reasons for why I believe this is the best health anxiety technique for you, which I’ll share further along in this post. Firstly, let’s understand that health anxiety is debilitating, it’s not a linear path towards healing, and most people don’t understand it.

To understand health anxiety you have to get into the mind and body of a sufferer

Which is a tough thing to do for many people today since most people never take the time to consider an experience through the mind and body of another person. Selfishness? Maybe. Laziness? Lack of understanding? Possible. In any case I’m not concerned about them, I’m on a journey to help YOU to overcome health anxiety for good.

So here are the 3 reasons for why this is the best health anxiety technique available to you today:

  1. It puts you in a situation where you face your fears head on, rather than run from them or stuff them aside
  2. It begins shifting your interpretation of your symptoms of anxiety almost instantly after a successful session
  3. It progressively helps you to move your focus from your catastrophic thoughts and what you’re feeling, to interacting with the miracles in the outside world

I call this best health anxiety technique… Mapping. To give you a deep understanding of what mapping is I’ve created a video below through the anxiety guy YouTube channel. I’m a big believer that video gives most people a much deeper understanding of things rather than just text. But just to give you a glimpse into the technique, here’s what it entails:

  • Sitting with as little sensory inputs as possible, at peace, and un-bothered
  • Becoming one with your inner world rather than forcing the feelings away
  • Allowing your thoughts to come and go like clouds with as little attachment to them as possible
  • Touring the different parts of your body non-judgementally as your sit in peace
  • Turning from fear to understanding over the symptoms of anxiety you feel, knowing they are harmless at a deeper level

The key to freedom from health anxiety is a change in perception over your current inner worries, the ability to become engaged in what you’re doing more than being chained to your ‘what if’ thoughts, and to gently and compassionately move through life rather than the need to fight past everything.

Enjoy the best health anxiety technique video below, and share your comments at the bottom.

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3 comments on “The Best Health Anxiety Technique You Could Do Today

  1. Lisa P Apr 25, 2019

    no matter how much I try I cant get out of my own way; with this anxiety even spent 5 days at mccleans and it is worse than ever. I need to get a camera so I can skpe a session.

  2. brian zimmerman Dec 23, 2020

    How can I set up a session?