Health Anxiety Podcast Show Is Now Live!

April 27, 2019

”The Health Anxiety Podcast Show Will Change The Way We Talk About, And Heal Health Anxiety.”

The world is becoming more and more sensitized to the feelings in their body. Misinterpretations are now very common for health anxiety sufferers leading them from doctor, to psychotherapist, to support group as they grow more frustrated by the day.

No More! The health anxiety podcast show is your new go-to resource for everything related to Hypochondria

Get ready for personal experiences, health anxiety success stories, causes, patterns that maintain the struggle, usable tools towards freedom and much more. With every baby step forward past health anxiety, a new you is born. These new perceptions over your symptoms, yourself, and the world around are called miracles, and that’s exactly what I’ll be providing you daily through the health anxiety podcast show.

Here is a brief look into the first 5 episodes of the show, which is the second podcast to the original The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

Episode #1 – Why Health Anxiety Is Not A Life Sentence.

Many sufferers are being mis-informed by the day. They’re being told that managing and coping is as good as it will get with health anxiety. They also are beginning to believe that the struggle is a part of who they are, and not things they’re doing that are causing the sensitivity. In episode #1 I’ll share with you the truth you need to hear.

Episode #2 – 6 Power Questions To Begin Changing Your Health Anxiety Beliefs.

Episode #2 will get you to begin analyzing your core belief systems that continue to keep you suffering. After the analytical part of the episode you’ll begin shifting your thought processes over the things that are currently causing you to stay sensitized. Get ready for massive change, and the introduction to a brand new you.

Episode #3 – The Addiction To Suffering And Health Anxiety.

One of the worst addictions that I can think of is the addiction to self punishment. In this episode of the health anxiety podcast show I’ll reveal the unconscious factors that are contributing to your feeling of being attached to worry and inner pain. You’ll learn how this addiction to suffering keeps you from enjoying the progress you tap into, and sabotages any good that comes your way.

Episode #4 – The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made During My Health Anxiety Days.

The health anxiety podcast show will also reveal my personal ups and downs. Simply because I don’t want you making the same mistakes I made during my healing journey. These are the 3 mistakes that cost me much inner pain, bewilderment, pain and health anxiety suffering.

Episode #5 – Depersonalization, The Symptom Of Anxiety I Get Asked About More Than Any Other

If you’ve ever experienced or are currently experiencing depersonalization, you know how traumatizing it can be. The bewildering feeling of living life inside a bubble, dizzy, foggy, and much more can affect every aspect of a persons life. This episode of the health anxiety podcast show will tell you exactly what you need to hear about depersonalization, in order to begin the healing process.

It’s time. Time to become more than anxiety, and begin tapping into the kind of life you deserve to live. Subscribe to the health anxiety podcast show links below for updates on every new episode:

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