Ego Anxiety And The 6 Ways It’s Destroying Your Life

April 18, 2019

“Ego Anxiety Is A Creation, When In Fact Experiencing The World Through The Mind Of Your True Self Is Flawless And Peaceful.”

The ego is well known for creating the extremes in any situation. Ego anxiety is a completely irrational viewpoint over inner and outer situations that may be a threat to you in some way. That threat could be  anything related to a threat to your home (and finances), your tribe (family and close friends), what keeps you alive (food and water), your social status (reputation and significance), or your physical life.

Ego anxiety is an inner push to maintain control, safety, and significance in the least confrontational way

Heck, we could completely switch the term generalized anxiety to ego anxiety since the ego is the biggest reason for the majority of anxiety in today’s world anyway. Lose the ego anxiety and you are empty on the inside, in a good way. This positive emptiness is more-so a release from desire, and a full adoption of acceptance and gratitude.

Here are the 6 core beliefs related to ego anxiety that are ruining your life:

  1. I am what I do for a living – Especially in North America where the question of “what do you do?” Shows up every time you meet someone new. It’s almost like what you do is who you are. Since when have we become so close minded and wealth obsessed?
  2. I am what I have – Ego mind… I don’t think so. But again, growing up and to this day in the majority of the world we’re separated by classes. 1st class belongs to the successful ones, and in our delusional eyes the happy ones as well. Class 2 belongs to the middle class that works hard and never gets rewarded for the amount of hours they put in. Class 3 belongs to the lower class, the uneducated (so false) and ones that simply don’t belong.
  3. I am separate from god – Nope. Just because your two authority figures (mom and dad, who were your gods at the time) let you down when you were young, and didn’t provide you the needs you deserved to have, doesn’t mean that you should dis-connect from your higher self and build back your faith. Your subconscious mind is the communication hub with the c0-creator of your life, god. So every seed you plant in your mind that you water over time also connects back to the big G.
  4. I am separate from what’s missing in my life – Everything you want and ever needed is right here, you just can’t see the cookie crumbs leading to it because the filters in your brain prevent you from seeing love, and luck. It’s targeted at things to avoid, things to fight against, and things to fear. Again, a perfect example of ego anxiety in action.
  5. I am separate from everybody else – The ego mind wants you to believe this, but the truth is that we are all a collective and energy is constantly being transferred from one person to the next. When you can see through this seperateness between you and others you’ll begin flowing with the universal laws of this world, and happiness won’t be something you have to earn or fight for.
  6. I am what other people believe about me – Can you imagine the pressure that comes with living with this core belief? To constantly feel the need to please the world around you? To never step on any other peoples toes? And to accept whatever is presented to you by others, all the time? You’re a unique human being with plenty of good to offer this world. This connection to ego anxiety is a good example of the extreme rules that the ego wants you to live by.

The ego is like dust in the eyes. Without clearing the dust we won’t be able to see anything clearly.

Ego anxiety is clearly a push for punishment and judgements. Strange thing is, nothing you’ve done should warrant self punishment! The times in your life that you may have made ‘mistakes’ were when you either didn’t have the conscious capability to think and do otherwise, or you were functioning with a small piece of information and negated the other available options. Either way, the recognition of whether ego anxiety is a part of your core beliefs is a good start towards healing.

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2 comments on “Ego Anxiety And The 6 Ways It’s Destroying Your Life

  1. Nora M Apr 19, 2019

    “Your subconscious mind is the communication hub with the c0-creator of your life, god.”
    Love this! This whole article hit home for me in so many ways. It’s been a rough start to 2019, to say the least. I WILL get better though!!! I know I can… Lately I’ve been using this flip sequin notebook to relax when I feel like I might be getting something. It does wonders for me, I don’t know why but flipping sequins and feeling them on my fingertips is so calming. And I love the sound too. My notebook has these eyes printed on it so when you move your hand on it, it opens and closes the eyes and changes the colors, it’s so cool!
    You can check it out here, maybe it can help you too:

    Thank you so much Dennis!