TAGP 51: 5 Keys To Better Mental Health

February 13, 2017

better mental health“Never Let The Opinions Of Others Become The Measure Of Your Self Worth.”

How many repetitions did you do for your mind today? Meaning, when you embark on a journey of change, your mind will resist the change greatly. This is simply because your subconscious mind has seen what is familiar for so long, and has no real success with this new approach you will take. But, the more repetitions you put in (execution of the new skill you have) the faster change will happen.

Let’s Not Forget That Better Mental Health Means A Firm Commitment To Change

If someone wanted to lose weight, they couldn’t do it in a day. If someone wanted to start a new career, that knowledge would take months or even years to master. If you want to have better mental health, you must understand that this is a long term process. I’ve seen rapid changes in people who first make that firm decision that their patterns of thought that lead to their beliefs MUST change.

Take Note Of That Word; MUST. Not Should, Not Might, But Must Change

As challenging as life might be for you right now you can move past this chapter in your life. You can because you have the resources within you to have better mental health. But ask yourself; Is your challenge related to a lack of skill sets? Or a lack of the proper mindset? In this episode you will become armed with both.

In Episode #51 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Are Diving Deep Into:

  • Why so many people fail in their pursuit of better mental health
  • What the most powerful step is to begin the rapid change you desire
  • How the healing mechanism within you actually works

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4 comments on “TAGP 51: 5 Keys To Better Mental Health

  1. mohamed Feb 17, 2017

    hi dennis yes i agree with u ..i know its out of the subject.. but need u advice..during sleep or while i go to bed .my mind statrs making movies vvv scary about death or negative things or ill never recover and end up in mental hospital or many.. wht to do when i go to bed or during sleeping when this come.. it affect me and my morning when i wake up.i know its only anxiety and hormones and subcondous playing tricks on my while resting but still annoying.. so wht tips i can do ..beside can anxiety raise bloos pressure temporary i been to doctor he told me its high but it goes to normal its only anxiety he said .. thx

    • Mohamed, best way is to practice the skill of visualization before your negative thoughts and images get going. That means consciously setting a certain amount of time aside to picture in great detail the outcomes you want to happen in your life. Seeing, hearing, and feeling what is in your image for 5 to 10 minutes nightly before you go to bed in a quiet undisturbed spot is important. Intent, challenging your irrational patterns, and imagination will guide you through this time.