TAGP 49: What Is Increasing Your Anxiety Levels (Without You Knowing It)

January 30, 2017

increased anxiety levels

“A clear conscience is the greatest piece of armor.”

By arming yourself with awareness, you beat the system. A system that is designed to control your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I’m simply not OK with you acting outside your true identity. That is why The Anxiety Guy Podcast exists. This confusion leads us to believe what we think about, and do is important to us.

We must recognize the external factors that feed our high anxiety levels. These factors are not in our immediate awareness, but can be in time. Practicing mindfulness and recognizing what may be growing our anxiety levels is extremely important towards living a peaceful, productive life.

Most of what we do is unconscious which adds to our high anxiety levels. Marketers and advertisers know this, and use it to sell us stuff we don’t really need. 

We don’t recognize the true power of the habits we do on a daily basis. A funny TV show that we love and enjoy can quickly turn our intentions against us. We than start to act in fear to the outside world, and have goals based around materialistic things. We then wonder what the meaning of life really is.

Life doesn’t have to be a grueling fearful ride. Life should be an incredible adventure full of great memories. I know you deserve this, now it’s time you found the truth through this powerful episode.

In episode #49 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we dive deep into:

  • The quickest way to change your environment to lessen your anxiety levels
  • How to guard yourself from external fear driven factors
  • The best habit you can begin starting today to begin the anxiety recovery process

Download this episode below and please share this with others who are in need of a helping hand through health anxiety.

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2 comments on “TAGP 49: What Is Increasing Your Anxiety Levels (Without You Knowing It)

  1. mohamed Jan 31, 2017

    woow dennis most greatest poscasts. it has realy imspiring me.. for a week i been destroying my self by checking my symptoms and feeling misrable a d fearfull. .been having dizzines and numbness i said ill check my blood pressure..it was low 90/60 i was freak out went to doctor telling normal not tht low just eat salty food.. my mind never stop being afraid i started checking blood pressure every 10 mints sometimes low some time high. the weired thing i thought all the time i been having irregular bp not anxiety but i done million test before showed im fine.. well dennis yes tht symptoms or pain that um having bcz my negative thinking is telling me something i dont know wht but something maybe bcz i been afraid and checking every single symptoms and worry in my entire life maybe its a sign telling me its time to change u way of thinking u r growin and getting old u need to change.. .have to be stronger to face my fears bcz one die im going to face some challenges of age when i get older i have to be stronger i dont know has to be simething.. u right. bettre to feel tht pain rather than tourmenting my self by checking my bp is it high or low .sometying is going to happed ..